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What Should You Know About Trimming Cannabis?

Experienced growers know that even the best crop may be ruined if it was trimmed in a wrong way. A well-manicured bud looks way better and usually has a higher potency than a bud that has some leaves left on it. WeedGrowHub will teach you some tricks and special techniques that will help you get maximum high-quality buds from each of your cannabis plants. Follow our recommendations and trimming your cannabis will never be a problem again.

Trimming Cannabis

Use the right technique

There are many ways you can trim your marijuana plant, but only a few of them with help you get the results you want. The two most popular trimming techniques are the so-called wet and dry trims. The main difference between the two of them is the time when you cut off all the unnecessary parts of your buds.

The wet trim technique involves trimming and manicuring your buds before drying them. This technique is quite popular and is used by the majority of marijuana growers. By trimming your weed this way, you can most certainly get well-shaped, good-looking, and potent buds. Besides, it is mush easier to get rid of all these little leaves when they are still green than when they all are dry and curled up.

However, if you grow weed in a low-humidity environment, it would be better for you to use the dry trim technique. Whit this technique, most or even all the leaves are left on the branch until it is fully dried. This way, your buds will dry a bit slower which is exactly what you need to get a really nice stuff.

And if you want to make the process of trimming your cannabis plant even easier, follow these five steps every time you trim and manicure your buds:

  • Move from the bottom branches to the higher branches.
  • Cut each branch as close to the main stalk as possible.
  • Cut large branches into smaller pieces and then cut the offshoots.
  • Remove the remaining leaves from the branches.
  • Hang your buds upside down for further drying and curing.

And one more thing—make sure to remove all the damaged, weak, and dead leaves while your plant is still growing. This way, the plant will not waste its energy and will focus on the buds rather than on trying to heal its weak parts.

Get rid of the sugar leaves

When it comes to cutting off leaves, there is only one thing that you should keep in mind—the fewer leaves are left in your bud, the more potent it will be. Cannabis leaves are way less potent than the flowers, so the more leaves you have on the bud, the lower its final potency will be. Furthermore, smoking buds with a lot of leaves in it will do no good to your throat and lungs.

Of course, there will be no harm in leaving a few little sugar leaves if they are healthy and have these THC-containing trichomes on them. But in all other cases, you need to get rid of the sugar leaves without hesitation. Use this advice and you will quickly become so good in trimming weed that you would even be able to apply for one of the marijuana trimming jobs in your area.

Use professional equipment

When you have to deal with small leaves, you can break them off from the bud or the branch with your hands, especially if you are trimming them before drying. But if you want your buds to look perfect, you better get a good pair of sharp scissors or a special cannabis trimming machine.

You may also need a pair of high-quality though scissors or even pruning shears for cutting the larger branches; and a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands from cannabis resin.

Spare no expense when it comes to buying good pruning and trimming tools because it will both help you improve the quality of your final product and also will save your time.

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