Aug 2, 2017 12:25 PM

What Is Larf Cannabis and What Can You Do With It?

Not every cannabis user has heard the word “larf,” but some may know it, especially those who grow weed at home. It refers to small, immature buds that have not reached their potential size and have not developed sufficient hair and trichome coverage.

In most cases, these buds are situated on the lower part of a cannabis bush, in places where there was not enough light and airflow. Usually, larf buds are fluffy and wispy flowers that seem absolutely useless.

Most growers do not like to have these small buds on their plants and try to get rid of them in the early stages of the flowering period. This process is called “delarfing,” but basically, it is the same thing as pruning or training a plant. By delarfing a plant, you will let cannabis spend all its energy on the main colas and not waste it on the useless flowers. On the other hand, you can apply a growing technique, such as screen of green or sea of green, or simply use an additional light source that would provide lighting to the lower branches as well. This way, you can manage to turn larf into proper colas.

However, some growers prefer to use larf. Although these underdeveloped flowers seem feeble, they do contain some cannabinoids and terpenes but in lower concentrations than usual.

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If you want to find a purpose for these little popcorn nugs, you may, for instance, make cannabis oil out of them and use it for preparing infused edibles.

Another popular way of using larf is to mix them with regular flowers in a joint. That will help you stretch your marijuana reserves for longer. You can even roll blunts and joints exclusively with larf, which can be suitable for consumers who practice microdosing.

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