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Weedgrowhub Grow Reports: An Introduction


Weedgrowhub Cannabis Grow Reports

Weedgrowhub.com reports platform is an innovative high-tech set of tools designed for cannabis growers just like you.

Do you have a dozen years of invaluable experience growing your own cannabis? Now you also have a cool new way to share your hard-earned wisdom with newbies!

Are you a beginner who has just bought marijuana seeds from a seed bank with no idea what to do next? Be not afraid, Weedgrowhub.com will provide you with the sum total of human knowledge on this subject in an easy-to-digest way. Ask away, and your questions will be answered.

What Is Weedgrowhub.com?

With Weedgrowhub.com you can share your marijuana growing experience with the world in a new and exciting way. We will help you create the grow report of your dreams, share it on social media, and get feedback from the marijuana growing community.

Conversely, if you are in search of answers, Weedgrowhub.com is the best way to get qualified community advice.

We also made it easy for you to share your stories on social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.

What Is a Report and a Post?

Still in the dark? Let's clarify some terms here. A grow report is, basically, a story about your plants, a diary of a sort. Usually, you would want to update your report as your plants grow.

Our advanced tool set will assist you in making your report informative, comprehensive, and interesting to read.

A post is a part of your report, a description of what happens with your plant(s) at a specfic moment. When creating a post, you should indicate the current growth stage of your plant and the week it is in counting from the beginning of this stage. (E.g., the 6th week of flowering, or the 3rd week of vegetation.) All your posts will be shown in a neat timeline.

How to Create a Report?

To start sharing your story with the world, click on the “ADD NEW REPORT” button at the top of the page.

To make your future report as useful and informative as possible, fill in the information about your seeds and describe the growing conditions. Your general thoughts on the matter go into the “Description” field. At this point, you can also add a photo or a video. Pro-tip: a good picture always makes your report stand out!

Your report is now created.

How to Create a Post?

To create a new post, click on the “Add new post” button on the page of your Report.

Name your post. Pro-tip: An indicative name like “Removing mold” is always better than “Another update.”

Share you thoughts using the “Description” field. Being thorough usually pays off, as other community members always want to know more about your experience.

If you are experiencing any problems with your plants, you can quickly indicate this by checking the corresponding box in the post options. This will help users with similar problems quickly find your post.

All posts of the report are displayed in a timelinGrowth stages are color-coded for your convenience: vegetation (green), flowering (red), and harvest (brown).

Features of Weedgrowhub.com: My Reports

Once logged in, you can find all your reports under the “My reports” tab. You will receive a personal notification once a new comment is added to any of your reports or posts.

Features of Weedgrowhub.com: My Watchlist

Staying up-to-date with other people's reports is easy! You can simply add the reports you are interested in to the “My Watchlist” section by clicking the green “+” symbol in the lower-right corner of a report card. We will send you a notification each time the report is updated—you will never miss new posts.

Features of Weedgrowhub.com: My Comments

Participating in discussions has never been easier. Whenever someone comments on one of your reports or posts, you will receive a notification. We will also notify you if a grower you are following adds a new post, or if someone answers to one of your comments.

Features of Weedgrowhub.com: Filters

Our platform offers powerful tools to search the ever-growing database of reports. Are you looking for information about growing marijuana in a hydroponic grow room with LED lights? There is a filter for this! You can set any combination of growing conditions you need and look only for the most relevant information.

Features of Weedgrowhub.com: Cover Image of Your Report and Post

Cover images will make your reports look sexier! Upload a photo and use it as a cover image of your report or post. Just left-click on the picture you uploaded and mark it as a cover image.

Features of Weedgrowhub.com: Timeline

At Weedgrowhub.com, a report is displayed as an intuitive, easy-to-grasp timeline of posts. The posts are displayed according to growth stages, posts corresponding to one growth stage are displayed chronologically by week.

This approach makes reports navigable and highly informative. Separate comment sections on the report in general and on individual posts ensure relevant and insightful discussion of the subject matter.

We have defined three main stages of marijuana growth on Weedgrowhub.com: vegetation, flowering, and harvest. If your plant is flowering now, then choose the “Flowering” stage when you make a post about it and indicate the current week (starting from the beginning of the ongoing stage).

Features of Weedgrowhub.com: Harvest

Our goal is to make grow reports as informative, readable, and useful as possible. For this reason, we offer a new report format for completed grow reports. Such reports can be read as articles, with posts arranged chronologically from first to last. (Feature currently in alpha version, as we are looking for ways to further improve your experience with our platform.) If your report has at least one post about the “Harvest” growth stage, you can complete it by clicking on the question “Do you want to mark report as completed?”. Your report will be marked as completed.

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