May 23, 2017 12:25 PM

Washington Approves Statewide Organic Marijuana Certification

Washington state is currently making significant steps toward launching the first state-run organic cannabis certification program.

According to Reuters, Gov. Jay Inslee signed the necessary legislation last Tuesday.

Sen. Ann Rivers, the sponsor of the new legislation, believes organically grown cannabis with a special certificate would be available in about one year and a half. According to Rivers, organic marijuana program is likely to move forward in a similar way to other organic food programs across the country.

Farmers in Maine are already working on an organic certification program for cannabis. The project’s goal is to establish new standards for growing medical marijuana without any potentially harmful pesticides and chemicals. According to the state’s organic weed program, farmers should use only soil-based production and employ organic products to prevent mold and pests.

The new program will be administered by the Washington Department of Agriculture.

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