Jun 20, 2016 9:20 AM

Walking Through the Forest of Pot

If you have ever wondered how cannabis is grown for commercial purposes, the Artizen Cannabis has opened its doors to the sacred place where the whole magic is happening.

Walking Through the Forest of Pot

This company specializes on indoor growing. They are covering the whole process from germinating the seeds to nurturing the plants, curing the flowers, and delivering the ready hand-packed product to the customer.

Inside the forest

When you get inside, you enter a real weed forest. Under the 30-foot ceilings, plants are occupying almost all the room leaving some space for expert growers to walk through.

The staff here call their work “zen-like practice,” as growing marijuana does not tolerate hastiness—cannabis requires a calm, thoughtful approach, and, of course, love to this majestic plant. Even though the market requires a gigantic supply every day, the quality is still a number one priority.

The room with the growing plants is sunk in the mild yellowing light like the one you might expect to see at night on the narrow street of an old town. The air is CO2-enriched, and the smell is very specific, but you get used to it very quickly. Surrounded by squat and bushy plants of an umbrella-like shape, you feel like you are walking along the sea shore on a nice sunny day; Artizen's staff make sure that the plants get the best temperature for their well-being and the purest water that passes several levels of filtration and is heated up till it has the temperature that is perfect for cannabis.

In the room with plants in blossom, you may notice a sticky white substance covering the tops of the flowers. Visitors are not allowed to disturb the plants as they may disrupt the carefully controlled environment that is different for every stage of cannabis' life.

The art of growing cannabis is not weekend gardening in the backyard; it is pure science. It is a high-scale horticulture, where every stage of cannabis' life requires certain conditions. There is no guess work, everything is based on experience and knowledge.

Artizen family

Inside the building, you can find numerous rooms where people are busy with chopping buds off of the stems, trimming the flowers, and hand-packing them; each room is dedicated to a certain stage of the production cycle.

It does not look like the busy office life: some people prefer working in a calm and serene atmosphere, others are listening to loud music and moving around the windowless rooms, so it becomes similar to a nightclub on a Friday night.

Timothy Foia, who is responsible for showing around, notes that people here do not get tired of certain work. Since they all are one Artizen family, they volunteer to choose what they want to do today and whom they want to work with. This minimizes the risk of suffering from boredom while doing monotonous work.

And indeed, everyone seems to be pleased working here. This is where you can see the results of your work, enjoy the approved equipment that makes it much easier to do the routine work, and, of course, be happy with your co-workers. It is almost like traditional farming, only the farm fits inside one building. These people are working with their hands, and what they get as a final product is so important and at the same time beautiful that the satisfaction from the whole process becomes obvious.

Modern business

Today, farming does not sound as attractive for a modern young man as an office job. While for many of us, most of our life passes in the cubicles in front of a computer or with a mobile phone in one hand, cannabis growing still feels like something extremely artisanal.

Artizen grows several strains, mostly hybrids, like the famous Jack Herer, Dutch Treat, and OG Kush. But they also have some less well-known but extremely powerful strains, like for instance, the Allen Wrench strain, which is not so popular among growers as it demands special attention and requires 10-11 weeks of flowering. But it is definitely worth waiting―this sativa-dominant strain has up to 22% of THC, so it knocks you out almost immediately providing you with a potent cerebral high. This strain is so powerful that it can help you treat post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and even bipolar disorder.

Comparing to the products that invade today's market, when most growers try to get as much yield as it is possible taking a toll on the quality, the cannabis grown in the companies like Artizen looks like the real Ferrari of pot. Ingenuity, love, and care―that is what makes the difference.

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