May 3, 2016 8:30 AM

Tutorial for Beginners: Harvesting, Cutting, and Drying Your Weed

If you managed to grow a plant from seed or a clone, that is a great achievement. However, it was only the beginning. Now you need to know how to harvest your plants to make them as potent as possible. Our tutorial will help you to find out the right time and way to do this.

Harvesting, Cutting, and Drying Your Weed

How to Know Plant is Ready

First of all, you need to be sure that your plant is ready. For this purpose, you should check your plant. If your plant is ready, you will notice the kolas (flowers merged together into large buds). Moreover, the flowers will get sticky, crystallized and start to emit the smell. It is better to use a magnifying glass to take a closer look at them.

Deciding on Time to Harvest

Now, when you know that the plant is ready, you need to decide on the right time to harvest. Take a magnifying glass and check the color of marijuana trichomes. The trichomes are small hair-like glands of weed buds, not to be confused with pistils. At the first stage of their forming they are translucent and colorless. If you harvest the flowers at this stage, your weed will not be potent. At the second forming stage, the trichomes are cloudy and milky white. Harvesting cannabis at this point will give you a medium-potent weed that is especially good for those who prefer their marijuana not too strong, but still effective. When the marijuana trichomes turn red or brown, it means that the THC level is reaching maximum. This phase is considered to be the best time to harvest. The darker the trichomes get, the most potent weed will be. Now it is up to you to choose the exact time.

Get Rid of Nutrients

When you decide on the time to harvest, you should think about flushing out the nutrients to make the final product pure. All you need to do is to flood the plants buckets with large amounts of water. Pour water, wait for a few minutes, pour it once more. You will see that the leaves of your plant are turning yellow. It is completely normal.


Here are some rules for those who want to get extra potent weed. Keep the room with plants at 15 percent humidity and a temperature of approximately 70 degrees. Do not forget about air circulation so as not to harm your harvest. Just before harvesting, leave your plants in complete darkness for 36 hours. The plants will produce more resin and the yield will become even more potent.


It is necessary to cut off leaves to dry the trichomes and avoid the possibility of mold forming. First of all, you need to cut off the larger leaves and then the smaller ones. But notice that you can leave the smaller leaves. It will make the drying process longer but protect the trichomes. Then, you should carefully cut the branches not to let the trichomes knock off.


Now it is time to dry the buds. Choose a room with fresh air, 50 percent humidity, ambient temperature, and no direct sunlight. Then, take the freshly cut branches and hang them upside down on a string. Do it carefully and provide each branch with space. Take a fan and dry the branches, but do not point the fan directly at them. It will take a couple of weeks or so for the branches to dry completely, so you have to be patient.


Once the branches are completely dried, remove the stems and small leaves (if you have chosen not to cut them off like the large ones).Take a glass jar or any plastic container to store your harvest. Remember that the container should be hermetically sealed to let the weed get better with time. Good luck and have a nice high!

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