May 1, 2016 8:40 AM

Starting Your Outdoor Marijuana Garden Early

Buying different strains in a dispensary has its own advantages: it is convenient, you have a great choice, and you get a ready product—just take it and use it. But growing your own garden can also bring you benefits.

Outdoor Marijuana Garden

First, sooner or later, you will find the strain that you like the most, and despite the great choice, you may ask only for this kind of weed all the time. Second, marijuana is not cheap. Plus, every time your weed runs out, you need to go back to the dispensary, again and again.

So why not try to grow your own garden? The sooner you plant the seeds or clones, the bigger the garden you will get and, as a result, the more impressive the yield will be.

If you choose an outdoor garden, early planting might need some extra precautions. We are absolutely sure you do not want your plants to get frozen and turn into long tender snake-like sprouts. Instead, try to take the best from early planting create your own little garden of Eden.

Choose the strain

Before buying seeds or clones of your favorite strain, carefully read the information about it. Not all strains are good for growing outdoors. Not all of them give a big yield. Some strains are picky about the light regime and nutrition or need extra mold/pests protection, while others can successfully grow even on the side of an international route.

Even though you will start your garden inside, take into consideration the characteristics of the place where the garden is. Is it okay for you to have tall plants? Then you may choose one of indica strains. Do you have enough space for bushy plants? Then sativa is a good option.

Space and quantity

Usually, one plant requires a 10x10-foot area (but if you give them more space, plants will be even happier). It does not mean that every marijuana plant will fill the whole area; this space will allow all the leaves to get enough sunlight and not be overshadowed by the neighbor plant. Plus, it will give you enough space to go through your garden and have access to every single plant.

Now you need to decide how many plants you want to grow. Measure your garden, think about the time and energy it will require (obviously, five plants are easier to care for than fifty), and do not forget about the local law regulations for growing marijuana.

Once you know what strain and how many plants you want to grow, it is time to start. We would recommend you to grow a bit more plants than you planned. Even experienced growers have accidents sometimes, so it is always a good idea to have some extra plants.

Some of the seeds can fail to germinate, or clones may not root. That is why you need to start with a larger amount of plants than you are going to place in your garden.

When it is time to transplant your marijuana outdoors, take the strongest plants and discard the rest.

Starting the garden

When we are talking about planting your garden early, it usually means that you start doing it in mid-February. It is still cold outside, so you need to make the following two months as efficient as you can to let your plants turn into big green monsters.

Whether you have seeds or clones, do not plant them into the soil from your garden. It may be great soil, but it may contain little pests or mold particles, which will become a real disaster in the warm humid environment of the closed room. Instead, take a sterile planting mix, coca fiber, or peat tablets (you may find them in a flower store).

If you decide to plant your weed in flower pots at once, then we would recommend you to get one-gallon plastic pots. There are a few reasons why they are better than bigger pots. First, they take up less space, therefore, you will use less light (and less money!). Second, it will help you have fewer problems with humidity and temperature control. And, of course, it will also save your time.

Later, when the plants grow bigger, you can transplant them into 5-10-gallon pots. Be careful with the root system. Do not shake the plant furiously, just put the clod of soil and roots into a new pot and add the soil mix to fill the gaps in the pot.

Transplanting outdoors

When your plants are already big enough to be moved outdoors, the weather can still be very changeable. Especially, if we are talking about mid-April. This may require some extra measures from you to keep your garden safe and warm.

You may build a small DIY greenhouse for each plant. Put four sticks into the ground around the plant and wrap this square with pallet wrap. This way, you will get a small plastic fence around each marijuana flower that will protect it from the wind and the frost on the ground.

At night, you may also put additional patter covers all over the garden. Yes, this is a lot of fuss, but it can help your garden successfully survive till the warm summer days. Do not forget to uncover the garden for the daytime: the plants will get the CO2 they need for photosynthesis, and the moisture from the ground will evaporate.

What you also need to take care of is the additional light. If you do not want your plants to flower too early, make sure they get at least 18 hours of light, even on rainy days.

Once the cold days and long nights are over, you may treat your garden as usual. No more pallet covers, no more supplemental light. Comparing to the gardens that were planted only in May, your ladies will look like real giant monsters. Now, keep patient and wait for the well-deserved reward.

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