Dec 22, 2016 12:25 AM

Seedbank Profile: CBD Crew

CBD Crew was created after its founders saw the amazing healing benefits of CBD/THC cannabis in a friend of theirs. They aimed to provide stable CBD/THC genetics to growers. With stable genetics, every single seed would contain high levels of CBD (over 4 percent); this way, cultivators would be dependent on a lab to test the plants in order to be sure they got a high-CBD pheno in their garden (often the case with CBD strains that had existed before on the market).

CBD Crew Seedbank

According to the CBD Crew, they noticed that many of the people contacting them for medical plants had neither prior growing experience nor access to a laboratory. Thus, they understood that the world needed those genetics to make it a lot easier to medicate at home. After a lot of crossing and testing, they finally figured it out. It took a few years with good help from friends and scientists, but in the end, they had a selection that had not existed on the market yet: the world's first ever seed catalog with only CBD/THC-rich cannabis seeds. The seeds were pure cannabis; no hemp was used to create any of the strains.

The bank uses the finest genetics rich in CBD to make sure there is something for everybody to grow and enjoy.
The selection includes finest indica-dominant strains, like the new award-winning CBD Nordle, hybrids, like the multiple award-winning CBD Critical Mass, and sativa-dominant strains, like the world-famous CBD Skunk Haze.
CBD Crew offers feminized seeds for those who need plants as fast as possible (chronically ill people often do not have much time to spare). This kind of seeds might also come in handy for those who lack general growing space or sufficient experience in dealing with regular seeds.

The bank has four regular CBD-rich strains as well, for those looking to select mother plants or people who just generally prefer to grow regular seeds. With the appearance of products like Screen Your Green, a gender-identifying kit for cannabis plants at an early grow stage, the bank hopes that the popularity of regular seeds will grow again. CBD Crew also has one autoflowering strain in their catalog for those seeking this type of seeds.

Most bank's varieties are 1:1 CBD/THC or up to 2:1 CBD/THC. The CBD content can vary from 4% to 16%, depending on the plant and growing conditions. But in any case, the plants will always be high-CBD. The lab results obtained by the seed bank are available on the company's website under “Lab Results.” The bank's official lab in Spain is the Foundation Canna Lab (Fundacíon Canna Lab).

The bank has also just released a new variety called CBD Therapy. This strain was created for those looking for almost no THC in their plants, just significant CBD content. This strain is best for medical use, aimed at helping people with epilepsy or autism. It can also aid people with anxiety, low THC tolerance, inflammatory issues, and other conditions. According to the representatives of the bank, they might have initially underestimated the need for this strain! It quickly became the best-selling seed of all seed companies at their main distributor this year! At this time, CBD Crew is making more seeds and stabilizing them yet another time to keep the THC level as low as possible.

CBD Crew representatives are happy to answer any questions and can be contacted via email ( and through their FB page: CBD Crew, 100% CBD rich seeds for your healing needs.

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