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Nutrients For Marijuana: Hydroponic Growing

Hydroponics is a practice of growing weed in a highly nutrient water. Growing weed hydroponically introduces the roots of the plant to water, air, and the necessary nutrients through a special growing medium. As you see, when you use hydroponics to grow your weed, nutrients are a very important component of the process.

 Nutrients For Marijuana: Hydroponic Growing

Growing hydroponically, you need to take care of the nutrient balance yourself. As with all kinds of marijuana growing, the plants that are grown hydroponically also require different nutrients at different stages of their lives.

When you are deciding what nutrient systems to buy for hydroponics, first of all, pay attention to the powder kinds that mix with water. They are easy to use and are way cheaper than the pre-mixed solutions. If your growing choice is water, then you should choose such nutrient packages that do not contain loose particles and do not clog up the tubes or other equipment.

The most obvious advantage of growing your plants in water is the fact that you can precisely control the amount of nutrients your weed receives. If you have decided to try this way of growing weed, you have probably already heard about PPM and that you should know how to measure it. In case you do not know yet, PPM means Parts Per Million—this measurement helps you see the concentration of minerals your plant receives. To find out the number, you can just buy a TDS meter.

Now, when you are ready to go to a local shop and buy all the necessary nutrients for your green plantation, we need to approach the topic of what brands are the best to use. We will show you only the best hydroponic nutrients systems.

As with growing in soil, you can choose the simplest and the most popular nutrition pack Dyna-Gro and start with the half-strength option to decide how much feeding your plants will need. The product is a universal solution that suits all mediums of growing. Be sure to buy both bottles of the product as one of them is meant for the early stage nourishment and the other one is for the flowering period.

You may also use the General Hydroponics Flora series Nutrient Trio. This system is recommended for the beginners as it is easy to use. Besides, the system is well-balanced. The company General Hydroponics is a well-known manufacturer that is popular for creating only high-quality products. Its Flora Nutrient Trio series is a set of three bottles that contain only useful minerals for your plants. Besides, if you are not sure yet whether to buy the whole set or not, the company has a solution for you. At first, you can try the new performance pack that contains everything you need to get started.

Another option is Botanicare KIND Trio For Hydro. We have already mentioned Botanicare in our soil nutrients review. Now, we are concentrating on the company's other line of nutrients for growing hydroponically. This Kind Trio contains a set designed for all three main life periods of cannabis. You just have to keep to their standard schedule, and your plants will be tall and “shiny.” If you are an experienced grower, and an advanced nutrient feeding chart is a common deal for you, you can play a little bit with the standard chart and reach incredible results.

If you think that the tree bottles of the Flora Trio are too much to deal with, then you can find a simpler solution made by the same company. General Hydroponics FloraDuo is a set of two bottles—A and B—that may be the best foundation tool for you, as a grower, to see what your plants need the most at each stage. If you are just learning the craft, nothing can be easier. Two bottles, a simple schedule, the way to learn—what can be better for a beginner who wants to start understanding the process?

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