May 22, 2016 8:25 AM

Nutrients for Marijuana: Growing in Soil

The easiest way to cultivate marijuana is to use the in-soil growing method. Besides, this way is the least demanding one in terms of the necessary nutrients.

Growing Marijuana in Soil

When you decide to grow cannabis this way, you should choose a quality soil first of all. If the soil is good, it initially contains all the nutrients that are necessary for the plants during their first period of life. When you are facing the choice of what nutrients to buy for your weed, look for specialized cannabis products. Ideally, buy nutrients that are meant for the in-soil use. You also need to consider the period of your plants' life cycle. As we have already mentioned in our article “Cannabis Nutrients: When and How Much to Use,” each period demands a specific ratio of nutrients. In the same article, you can read the basic information about the amount of general fertilizers and the time to use them.

Fortunately, most manufacturers are familiar with the most suitable content of nutrients for each phase and design specialized packs accordingly.

There are a few trusted nutrient systems and brands that have proven to be effective for cannabis plants.

If you are only a beginner and need something simple, buy nutrients by Dyna-Gro. The company produces the most customer-friendly nutrient systems you can find in the market. Besides, it is a cheap variant for growing cannabis in different mediums. The set of Dyna-Gro's nutrients can help you grow cannabis from seed to harvest. Despite its low price, this system works great and is even better than some luxurious and expensive brands.

It is the golden standard when it comes to marijuana nourishment. Be sure to buy two kinds of nutrient bottles: “Foliage-Pro” for the vegetative stage and “Bloom” for the flowering stage.

Another good choice to make is Fox Farms. Many growers use these very concentrated nutrients. When using this nutrient system, follow the rule “less is more.” The company produces probably the best starter soil for cannabis growers. Fox Farm Happy Frog soil is already full of nutrients.

If you buy their Fox Farms Nutrient Trio, you will equip yourself with everything you need to get the best harvest in the neighborhood. The system works great with any cannabis strain and does not require any additional sets. The Trio includes three bottles—Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom—the combination of which is balanced and rich in the necessary elements. You just need to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Another trustworthy nutrient system is Botanicare Pure Blend for Soil. It is a set of two packs designed for the vegetative and flowering stages. This set is the best choice for every beginner—it is easy to use and contains critical information about the product's advanced nutrients feeding schedule. Besides, Botanicare is relatively cheap and can be found in any specialized store. Pure Blend for Soil works for every strain as well and does not require any additional supplies. The company offers many products for growing, so you can look through their line and pick other variants.

Not the most popular but effective nevertheless variant is General Organics GO Box. This box of nutrients can easily suit the most demanding organic grower. Everything you need comes in one package. Pay close attention to this company if you are looking for an organic fertilizer.

The last but not the least option is the company Advanced Nutrients. Overdrive Advanced Nutrients is a pack of minerals that is necessary for every gardener. While it can be used to nourish regular plants, cannabis will also benefit from this kind of feeding.

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