May 25, 2017 12:25 PM

New Auto Grow Technology to Invade Your Home

Marijuana cultivation is a field that is constantly developing. Cannabis is a crop that has the best agricultural potential today. Many growers believe that automation is the key to success. This process has already invaded the commercial manufacture; now, it has reached home growing as well.

Image credit: Seedo Homelab Twitter

With the spread of weed legalization across the states, more and more people are trying to grow the plant at home. It is a great way to get quality pot for yourself and share it with your friends. Home growing is also forging ahead and developing. Every day, it is enriched by the creation of new technologies. Among them is a new device Seedo that automates the process of cultivation. Seedo Homelab features an intelligent technology that is designed to grow seeds to their full harvest. This self-sufficient device provides an airtight ecosystem that will do all the hard work for you.

Grow Like a Pro: Gadgets to Turn You From Amateur Grower to High-Tech Guru
Grow Like a Pro: Gadgets to Turn You From Amateur Grower to High-Tech Guru
Marijuana is a risky business. Although 24 states and D. C. have already legalized some forms of the plant, the possession, distribution, and growth remain illegal in most parts of the United States. But even this cannot stop innovations in the area.

The founders of Seedo claim that the device will do everything and make cannabis cultivation easy and enjoyable. This homelab includes an automated air-conditioning system, an auto-adjust lighting system that is set up to maintain the optimal distance from plants, and a sterile hermetic ecosystem with a carbon filter that prevents insect contamination. Seedo also delivers maximum daylight illumination, releases CO2 during photosynthesis, controls the cleaning, washing, and drying of the system. In addition to all these functions, the device is equipped with an internal camera that allows you to watch the whole process from the comfort of your couch. This machine will be available for presale in the fall at the price of $1,600.

This small device looks like a mini-fridge. The minimalistic design is also a great benefit for those people who care about their interior and want to be safe from prying eyes.

The idea of such a machine came to its developer, Uri Zeevi, back in 2014 when he noticed that many amateur growers had problems maintaining the plant from seed to harvest. That is why people are willing to pay more for the weed in dispensaries. At the base of this project was the wish to make the process a lot easier. This goal was accomplished. Now, instead of waking up in the middle of the night to water the plant or change the lights, you can sleep soundly while the automated device does it for you.

Another advantage of Seedo is its diversity. It can grow not only cannabis but also other greens or even some fruit and vegetables. So, the machine will be advertised everywhere. It has great chances for success in different markets of the country. We are sure that any housewife will be glad to purchase this homelab.

Of course, there are many people who cultivate marijuana without the help of such special devices, and they do it very well. However, it requires a lot of commitment, time, and regular care. If you do not have much of these things, automated growing is the best option for you. On a larger scale, many farmers are already using partially automated systems for their cultivation. Two-thirds of commercial cannabis growers use automation technology for temperature control.

However, even if you are growing just one plant at home, this technology can make the experience a lot easier.

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