Aug 5, 2016 8:43 AM

Moon Cycle Can Influence Your Weed Cultivation

Have you ever wondered why two growers can get a drastically different crop from the same seeds? For many centuries, people have adjusted their farming to the moon cycle, as it affects the harvest in a great way. In the light of the new moon, let us look at this old farming practice that can advise us how to improve our results of weed cultivation.

Moon Cycle Can Influence Your Weed Cultivation

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The moon's gravitational force has a large impact on many aspects of the life on our planet. The moon cycle affects the tides in oceans, lakes, and rivers. Its force influences the menstruation cycles in women and breeding habits in animals. Moreover, the moon cycle also affects the underground water level that determines how plants will grow.

Each month, the moon goes through four major phases of its cycle that influence the growth of plants in different ways. The first two phases or quarters occur during the waxing or increasing light, when the moon is growing from new to full. The third and fourth phases come after the full moon, when the moon's light begins to wan.

During the waxing phase, or the time when the moon become fuller, the moon's force pulls water up from the underground toward the surface. The most beneficial time to plant cannabis seeds is just before or around the full moon. Studies have revealed that the weed seeds sown in this phase will absorb the most water and nutrients when the moon is full. Moreover, it increases the chances of getting a big harvest up to 45%.

The second quarter is the time when cannabis plants develop leaves and above-ground systems. Thus, weed plants require much water and nutrients during this period. As the plant's absorption is good, it is better to water down the nutrients in order to avoid nutrient burn. Potassium added during this period will be absorbed by the pot plants the most.

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The next two phases are great for pruning and harvesting cannabis. Pruning is the most effective in the third quarter in the sign of Scorpio. At this time, the moon's force reduces the stress that weed plants usually get while pruning. Decreasing light at a full moon displaces the energy to the roots, which results in active root growth even in case of transplanting.

The fourth quarter is the time when the moon decreases its gravitational pull and moonlight. This is a resting period for cannabis plants and the best time for harvesting, transplanting, and pruning. If you want to speed up drying and curing times, crop weed buds in a new moon.

Adjusting your growing schedule to the moon cycle takes very little time, but it could significantly increase the yield of your garden. With the moon's calendar, you will know exactly when it is the best time for growing, fertilizing, and harvesting. Moreover, the moon's influence on your weed plants does not depend on whether you are growing marijuana indoors or outdoors.

Follow the moon cycle repeatedly, and soon you will notice substantial improvements in your yield. If you have already planted your cannabis according to the moon phases, share you experience with us in the comments below.

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