Jul 19, 2016 9:25 AM

Marijuana Trimming Machine or Hand Trimming?

With the rapid growth of medical and recreational cannabis industries, we observe many changes every day. The whole industry progressed from an “underground” secret network to a legal mainstream in no time. There are even working standards that regulate the operation of dispensaries and the quality of weed. Trimming weed is one of the accepted measures that ensure the plant's quality. There are many cannabis trimming machines in the market, but are they useful at all?

Marijuana Trimming Machine or Hand Trimming

Both medical and recreational marijuana has to be correctly cultivated and processed to provide people with the best products. If all processes are done thoroughly, the result will be a perfect strain that will not disappoint the consumers. Of course, every little detail influences the quality of marijuana, and the trimming process in not an exception. There is quite a difference between hand-trimmed and machine-trimmed buds. Let us see what exactly changes when you are trimming marijuana with the help of a machine.

Potency and Flavor

Large growing companies have to meet the demand of their consumers. And modern consumers demand a lot of weed. So, to make the process easier and faster, mass-producers decided to make a shortcut. The use of a trimming machine is the most beneficial way for manufacturers.

However, trimming plays a great role in the production of marijuana, and real connoisseurs can tell the difference almost immediately. The case is that all buds that have been trimmed with the use of a machine look exactly the same. Take a bud and look at its shape—does it look like a neat pine tree? If the answer is yes, your purchase has probably been “mass-trimmed.”

Unfortunately, this way of trimming may cause disastrous effects on the yield. Besides, the potency and flavor of marijuana are influenced greatly as well. Sometimes, these machines cut off too much, which results in the loss of trichomes. These seemingly tiny parts of the buds are essential; they are the key to all those properties that we value in the plant.

Conclusion: All strains differ in size and shape, but machines use a standard setting and may cut off the valuable trichomes.

Skillful Eye

As we have mentioned before, all strains differ in shape, size, and density. All of them, starting from the old indica strains to the modern potent hybrids require a skillful eye to preserve their beauty. To ensure that all of them remain true to their nature, we must trim every plant with an individual approach.

There are many trained professionals who can do the work perfectly. However, considering the fact that one yield can give a thousand different nugs, the work requires only the most experienced people with a certain level of focus to complete the task. Besides, hand-trimming also takes a lot of time.

That is why a true trimmer is focused and knows how to carefully handle the buds and not damage them. The main difference of this approach from machine-trimming is that the bud is well-preserved. No machine will ever know how to trim the plants based on their density, the section of the bud, and its THC potency.

New Jobs

The next question we are ready to cover in our article is the contribution to the country's economy. Of course, trimming machines are easy to use for mass producers, but the introduction of hand-trimming in large companies will create new jobs. Hundreds of people will be able to use their skills and have a prospect of a good life.

Besides, professionally trained trimmers constantly raise the bar and make sure that the standards of weed quality are higher and higher. This aspect is especially beneficial for medical marijuana whose main task is to help people and improve their health. So, the herbs have to be of the highest quality.

It is important for people involved in marijuana one way or another to treat the plant with respect and care and not to turn cannabis into a typical industry with no real “face” or culture.

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