May 24, 2016 8:40 AM

Marijuana Nutrients: Growing in Coco Coir

Growing in coco coir is a relatively new method of cultivating cannabis. This way, you preserve the benefits of both growing in soil and hydroponics. However, this way may be a little bit confusing not only for beginners but for the experienced growers as well.

Growing Marijuana in Coco Coir

Coco coir is made of fibrous coconut husks. It is a versatile growing medium that can also be mixed with soil. But even coco coir itself is a great medium for the cannabis roots to thrive. If you provide the plants with additional feeding, the results will be even better. Besides, the medium is great for the environment and can be used several times.

Unfortunately, despite the numerous benefits of growing marijuana this way, coco coir is a demanding setting in terms of nourishment. Initially, the medium has no inherent nutrients, so all responsibility for providing the necessary minerals lies on a grower. Besides, cannabis plants that are grown in coco coir have specific nutrient needs. Unlike all other growing mediums, this one needs more calcium. So, in addition to the regular nutrient systems, you will have to buy the “Cal-Mag” supplement to enrich your weed in the elements. This is a supplement by Botanicare, a famous manufacturer that produces only quality fertilizers. If you are looking for something else, you may take a closer look at “CaliMagic” by General Hydroponics.

Here is a useful piece of advice—there are special pre-made mixes of coco coir in the market. Of course, these mixtures look very appealing for the beginners, but you should think twice before buying them. These products are mostly very expensive. Besides, you will spend only about half an hour mixing your own one.

If you decide to grow marijuana this way, make sure to buy specialized nutrient sets for coco coir or hydroponics with the addition of calcium- and magnesium-rich supplements.

The first choice to look at is the Floral series by General Hydroponics. The product suits both growing in hydroponic and coco coir mediums. The company's Trio set will make sure that your plants flourish through their vegetative and flowering periods.

Another couple of products that are the favorite choice of many growers throughout the country are Canna Coco A+B and Cal-Mag. If you have never heard about the company Canna, it is very surprising. This is a Dutch manufacturer that is considered to be one of the best. Being the main cannabis company in the capital of the European marijuana community, Canna provides only quality products. The price of Canna Coco is a little higher than the U.S. producers', but it is worth the money.

If you are interested in other alternatives, we can recommend you to buy the Advanced Nutrients Piranha set. It is a system that will boost your roots' growth, which will also increase the absorption of oxygen and nutrients by the plants. As a result of this extra nutrition, the flowering will also be enhanced, and the harvest will be dense and high-quality.

There are many other variants in the market as well. All of the following nutrients are organic except for the Deep Fusing system that has both organic and chemical bases. Some of the fertilizers are Insect Frass by Organic Nutrients, Humboldt County nutrients Deep Fusing, Earth Juice “Just For Coir” Grow, etc.

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