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Making Compost Tea for Cannabis Plants

Compost is an essential component of growing plants. The substance is full of useful nutrients and microorganisms that are beneficial for growing cannabis. To make the process even more useful, you can make compost tea. If you do not know how to make this nutritious tea, we are ready to provide you with all the necessary information to make you a pro grower.

Compost Tea for Cannabis Plants

Compost tea is the extraction of the microorganisms and soluble nutrients into aerated water. It is like brewing tea. This compost tea will introduce all necessary nutrients and bacteria to the soil or foliage of your plants thus aiding the growth and protecting the plants from diseases.

However, remember that compost tea cannot completely replace the soil additive that you are using. The tea is just a useful addition to your cannabis grow kit.

There are two ways of using compost tea for cannabis or any other plant.

You can choose to just spray your plants with this water to add the beneficial bacteria that replace the bad bacteria that are present on the plant. Besides, spraying can protect cannabis from acquiring diseases in the future.

If you choose to apply compost tea to the soil, you add a population of aerobic microorganisms to the growing medium. These organisms aerate the soil, provide useful nutrients, aid water retention, help the plant suppress diseases, and increase nutrient absorption.

We should mention that not all growers support the usage of compost tea instead of simple compost. However, many people believe that the tea is more useful and suitable for cannabis growing. If you want to explore new ways of growing marijuana organically, you have to at least consider trying this method.


To make good compost tea, you need to choose the right ingredients and follow the recipe. To brew healthy tea, you will need the following ingredients.


First of all, the future mixture highly depends on the quality of the compost you haveā€”it is the basic ingredient. It should contain a large amount of locally sourced microorganisms and nutrients. If you want to create the best tea, make sure that the compost you have contains fungal colonies that will help the fungal growth in the tea.

Fish Hydrolysate

Fish hydrolysate is a nitrogen-dense product that is created by breaking down fish and crustaceans. This ingredient also contains chitin that can boost the immune system of your plants.

Worm Castings

Also known as vermicast, worm castings are an organic fertilizer produced by worms after they digest organic material. The substance contains many nutrients in a broken-down refined form that is very easy for cannabis plants to consume. Besides, there are some healthy microorganisms in worm castings as well.


While you brew your compost tea, fungi are growing in the water. Kelp is a food that will help the fungi grow faster. Another function of kelp is proving a surface for fungi colonies to attach to.


Just as kelp, molasses is used as food. Molasses will benefit the growth of bacteria.

Now, when you know all necessary ingredients, you can brew compost tea yourself. The process is not complex, and even a beginner can deal with it.

How to Brew

First of all, you have to build a compost tea brewer. Take a 5-gallon bucket and connect an air pump on the outside of the bucket to an aerator device at the bottom. This construction oxygenates the water.

Take a mesh bag and place all ingredients of the tea there. If you use the water from city lines, you have to let it breathe a little at first for the chlorine to break down. Do not leave the bucket under direct sunlight. Make sure that the pump is working right and the water receives oxygen.

In addition, there are many specialized products that can be added to the tea while or before you are brewing the substance. Look for these products at the specialized stores.

On average, compost tea takes about 24-36 hours to brew. Do not let it sit long before adding it to your plants.

It is recommended to dilute the tea with water before using the substance. Dilute the tea at a ratio of 1:20 when applying to the soil and 1:2 when using for spraying.

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