Oct 7, 2016 9:10 AM

LED Grow Lights Can Boost Quality of Your Weed

Though marijuana is naturally used to growing outdoors under the sunlight, climate differences and other factors force American growers to cultivate weed indoors. Thanks to the new technological advancements, cannabis producers manage to achieve the same results with indoor growing as outdoor cultivation brings. Using LED grow lights, marijuana producers simulate the natural sunlight and boost the quality of their plants.

LED Grow Lights for Weed

You have probably already noticed that marijuana cultivation is a fast-growing and highly rewarding business. Indoor growing has achieved impressive success over the recent years thanks to artificial lighting. The technology of grow lighting has been highly improved and now brings both grow light manufacturers and cannabis growers billions of dollars.

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Light emitting diodes or LEDs have played an important role in the growth of the cannabis industry. This technology was kindly welcomed by marijuana growers because of its cost-effectiveness and energy-saving properties. Moreover, LED lights have greatly improved the quality of indoor-grown cannabis.

While the first two properties of LED lights are related to technological advancements, the last one is a bit of a mystery.

The reason for this is that plants naturally use red and blue sunlight for photosynthesis. The full spectrum of LED grow lights also contains these two colors, which together provide favorable, balanced conditions for the weed plants to grow and flower successfully. At the end of last century, NASA scientists even worked on a technology allowing astronauts to grow vegetables in space using LED lighting.

Nowadays, cannabis growers can simply use LED grow lights instead of their outdated metal halides and high-pressure sodium lights and harvest marijuana with improved visual quality and enriched cannabinoid content.

Another positive feature of LED lights is energy-saving, which is also important for growers who cultivate large numbers of cannabis plants indoors. Using LED lights for cannabis instead of traditional bulbs, marijuana producers can cut their energy bills by up to 60%. It sounds more than impressive, does it not? Moreover, you can even gain a reputation of an eco-friendly grower as such lighting brings the environmental impact down to a minimum.

Undoubtedly, the developers of LED lights deservedly won their Nobel prize in 2014 as this invention has significantly improved the quality of indoor cannabis and brought more revenue to weed growers.

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