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Indoor vs. Outdoor: How to Grow the Best Weed Imaginable

When choosing whether to grow weed indoors or outdoors, we consider lots of factors: from local climate to marijuana cultivation policies. But regardless of the method you use, your main goal remains the same: get the most out of your cannabis plants. Here are a few weed growing tips for both indoor and outdoor gardens.

How to grow the best weed indoors?

Growing marijuana indoors usually requires more resources: electricity, water, nutrients. It is expensive; in return, you get an opportunity to harvest more than one or two crops a year. Plus, the are various solutions that help you cut the bills and make your indoor facility more environment-friendly.

If you want to get perfect weed buds in the end, here is what you should pay special attention to:

Quality soil―in contrast to an outdoor garden, when you grow marijuana indoors, you are free to choose the type (and quality) of the soil. You may not even use any soil at all by switching to hydroponics. But even if you prefer to grow weed hydroponically, choose only high-quality hydro mixtures.

Top 3 Hydro Mixtures for Marijuana Plants
Top 3 Hydro Mixtures for Marijuana Plants
An increasing number of marijuana growers prefer hydro mixtures to the traditional soil. Hydro mixtures are better for indoor cultivation as they allow to control the amount of water and nutrients added to the plant. These potting mixtures are less likely to develop mold or insects, so growers have more chances to cultivate healthy plants and get high yields.

Nutrients―by using the right nutrients, you can prevent your cannabis plants from different diseases and improve the quality of your crop. But be careful: too many nutrients may be just as harmful as the lack of them.

Chemical or Organic Nutrients: Which Are Better for Your Weed Plants?
Chemical or Organic Nutrients: Which Are Better for Your Weed Plants?
Though marijuana plants are resilient enough, they also require nutrients like any other living organism. There are two types of nutrients or fertilizers: organic and chemical. This article will help you understand which one is better for your cannabis plants, as each of them not only can improve the quality of weed but also has adverse effects that are important to consider.

Microclimate―cannabis is a very demanding plant. Weed likes humidity, warmth, and lights to be in perfect balance. So, make sure you create the right environmental conditions inside your grow room. Use special apps or gadgets to control all these factors 24/7.

Marijuana Grow App: Grow Easier, Harvest More
Marijuana Grow App: Grow Easier, Harvest More
Did you know that you can use your smartphone to grow more high-quality weed? No, we are not talking about one of these mobile games where you can pretend you are working at a marijuana store. We are going to tell you about three marijuana growing apps that may help you run your real weed garden.

How to grow good weed outdoors?

Some people think that it is easier and cheaper to grow good weed outdoors. They are right, but only partially. For example, if the weather is cloudy for a long time, your plants wouldn't receive all the light they need in order to grow healthy and become ripe fast. Early frost or strong wind with rain can also put your entire crop at risk. So, here are a few things that you need to take care of when growing marijuana outdoors:

Additional lights―outdoor cannabis plantations receive most of the light they need from the sun. But be ready to install and use additional lighting in order to make your weed plants grow faster.

10 Tips on How to Grow Monster Cannabis Buds
10 Tips on How to Grow Monster Cannabis Buds
When you are growing your marijuana, the point is to get beautiful, big (or better even giant), and potent buds. And it is achievable since growing cannabis has nothing to do with magic or coincidence, it is similar to science: you do certain things and get the desirable result. The point is to know what exactly you should do and how to do it.

Water―cannabis is a very thirsty plant, and it requires a lot of water. The bigger your plants are, the more water they need. So, make sure to pick a location for your plantation with a water source nearby.

Nutrients―even when you grow cannabis outdoors, you still need to use certain nutrients in order to make your plants healthier, stronger, and bigger.

Making Compost Tea for Cannabis Plants
Making Compost Tea for Cannabis Plants
Compost is an essential component of growing plants. The substance is full of useful nutrients and microorganisms that are beneficial for growing cannabis. To make the process even more useful, you can make compost tea. If you do not know how to make this nutritious tea, we are ready to provide you with all the necessary information to make you a pro grower.

Protection―an outdoor cannabis garden needs a complex protection from some threats: pests, animals, strong winds, curious humans. Plus, some states, like Maine, require that outdoor marijuana gardens are kept covered, so they won't be visible from a public road and even from the sky.

Organic Cannabis With No Pests: Natural Predator's Help
Organic Cannabis With No Pests: Natural Predator's Help
Not only do the pesticides in cannabis taste horrible, they may also damage your health, and that is definitely not what we want.

Have you already found the best way to grow weed in your state? Share your secrets with other growers―start a grow journal at our Grow Reports platform or answer the questions of novice marijuana cultivators at our Weed Grow Answers.

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