May 30, 2016 8:45 AM

How to Store Marijuana Seeds

Healthy seeds may provide you with a wonderful garden, but if they have not been stored properly, the results may be extremely poor. Marijuana seeds are not as picky as the plants, but sometimes a simple mistake is enough for you to risk losing your favorite strain.How to Store Marijuana Seeds

Today, there are a lot of different marijuana seeds available in the USA, but seeds are not cheap, and sometimes it is quite difficult to find a particular strain. That is why we recommend you to have your own seed supply.

To know how to store marijuana seeds, you need to understand how it goes in their natural environment. When growing wild outside, marijuana plants become ripe in the autumn, so once the seeds fall to the ground, they remain there during the whole winter. For several months, seeds remain dormant—until the weather becomes warmer, and rains become more abundant.

Choose a cool and dry place

So if you do not want your seeds to germinate before the right time, you should put them in a place that is both dry and cool. In most cases, the door of the fridge fits perfectly for this.

But before placing marijuana seeds somewhere for storing, be sure you have checked the seeds. It is very important to let the seeds dry because any moisture particles will likely cause mold that will ruin the whole batch. There should be no leaves, no stems, no drops of water, and of course, no pests. Spread the seeds out on a tray and look carefully at every single one of them. If you put even a single rotten seed into the envelope, it will spoil the rest within just a few months.

Label seeds properly

Another thing that is probably as important as the right storing conditions is to properly label the envelopes with seeds. Do not rely on your memory, better safe than sorry. Who knows, these envelopes could be waiting for their time to be opened for several months or even years.

We recommend you to write down the strain's name and type (indica, sativa, hybrid, autoflowering). If these seeds are for growing outdoors, note when exactly the plants were totally ready for harvesting; if you grow indoors, write down how many weeks it takes for them to flower. You may also add some information about the strain's height or the specific conditions for a better yield (lighting regime, nutrients, and growing techniques). It would also be wise to note whether you ever experienced any problems with pests or mold with this strain.

There is no point in writing a long novel on the envelope, just short notes that will help you remember the most important data about the seeds. Plus, we would also recommend you to write the date of harvesting the seeds.

Refresh seed supply

If stored properly, marijuana seeds can be viable for more than five years. You can store them much longer, but take into account that with every year, the germination rates of the seeds are declining. If you are wondering whether the seeds are still viable, you can always take just a few of them to germinate.

To help the old seeds germinate more successfully, you can scuffle them a bit so that the water can penetrate them easier. You may use simple sand paper rolled in a small tube, place the seeds inside, and shake them several times. The scratches should be tiny, almost invisible. Then soak the seeds in water for several hours and then germinate them as usual.

But of course, it is better to avoid storing marijuana seeds for ages; try to refresh your supply. Just plant the seeds and let them grow into mature male and female cannabis plants. Do not forget to isolate male plants if you already have a garden of females. However, you can use the pollen from the males to pollinate the females. Usually, a single plant can give you enough seeds for several new gardens, but it, of course, depends a lot on the strain’s features.

Small tips for storing seeds

If you want to store seeds longer, put all the envelopes (use simple paper for them, cooking sheets or waxed paper are no good for this purpose) into a canning jar, close it properly, and only then place it into your refrigerator.

Some growers add some rice to the jar in order to absorb moisture in the seeds. Well, it is up to you to decide whether you need this or not. It can do its job and prevent marijuana seeds from rotting, but it can also make the seeds overly dry. So if you decide to use this method, do not go overboard, a pinch would usually be quite enough.

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