May 17, 2016 8:20 AM

How to Grow Weed Indoors in an Affordable Way

If you are a beginner grower and just want to take a shot at growing your own little marijuana garden, it may seem daunting to spend piles of money before you even get any reward. So you may wonder how to grow weed indoors with minimal expenses. Here you will find some tips that can significantly save your money.

How to Grow Weed Indoors in an Affordable Way

Marijuana seeds

This is probably the only thing that you should not try to save money on. Good genetics may decide the destiny of the whole project. Choose carefully which strain you can afford, which strain you would like to grow, and what plants are suitable for growing indoors, so you can find a balance between all these options.

If later you decide to continue growing cannabis, you will be able to have your own seeds from the male plants or make clones from the female ones. It means that it would be wiser to buy what you want in the beginning and have fewer problems later.

Growing box

There is a big assortment of grow boxes and grow tents on the market, but if they seem too expensive to you, you can always go for a cheaper variant. You can have a look at a second-hand grow box, which is possible to buy much cheaper—up to half the price of a new one. On the other hand, you can get an even cheaper version of a grow box if you make it yourself.

The trick is, you can use basically anything for indoor weed growing as long as it has space for pots or a container inside and is sturdy enough for installing the light system. You can use an old wardrobe that you do not use or one of those cabinets that your friend has stored in the garage for ages with no purpose. You can also find something on the Internet sites where people give away second-hand furniture. If you want, you can also build a box from scratch.

In order to optimize your box, you can cover the inside walls with light-reflective material. We would not recommend you to use usual metal foil as it can easily burn the plants. If you can afford it, buy Mylar (though it is a quite expensive material), or just cover the walls with white paint.

Ventilation and odor control

Making your own carbon filter can save you a fortune. There are plenty of instructions on the Internet, and it is not so difficult to find a few DIY videos that can tell you how to create your own odor control for less than $40.

Another thing is ventilation. There is no use in having a fan that does not work or cannot handle the job. So you had better check eBay for a unit that suits you best (check the cubic feet per minute if you want everything to work properly). And do not agree to buy something just because it is cheap.


Since you are probably not sure yet whether you want to grow your cannabis further or not, it is better not to go for the expensive lighting and use usual HID or HPS light bulbs. They are not as effective as LED light, but with a budget plan, you cannot expect to have all the bonuses.

Websites such as eBay and others where can you get second-hand items can also be useful here. Used reflectors are much better than no reflectors at all. Another thing is that while second-hand light setup may be fine (do not forget to check the seller's rating), used light bulbs are not the best idea.

Growing medium

You will get the best result using a hydroponic system, but it requires certain skills and lots of expensive equipment. So if you are trying to save money, we would recommend you to start with usual soil or coco.

The growing soil available in flower stores is good because it already contains nutrients, so you can forget about feeding your garden, at least during the first stage of your plants' life. Coco lacks nutrients, so if you choose this growing medium, you had better start to feed your plants from the very first day.

The cheapest medium is the one you can get right outside of your house. But since it is likely to contain lots of pests and mold particles, you should heat the soil in your oven. Fill the tray with soil no more than one inch high and keep it in the oven for 45-60 minutes at 250-260°F. It is very important not to set the temperature at more than 265°F as the minerals in the soil will start to char and form toxic chemicals.


If you want a nice harvest, nutrients are vital. You can find a special line of fertilizers for marijuana that contains everything your garden might need. You can also go for other lines of nutrients that may be cheaper, but in this case, we would recommend you to buy the nutrients that are designed for feeding edible plants like tomato or lemons. This way, you will avoid the undesired chemicals that may damage your health once they are in your body.

We would also recommend you to buy only those nutrients that are really necessary. For the veg stage, it is important to have some Nitrogen-heavy nutrients, while for the flowering stage, you might need Potassium- and Phosphorous-heavy nutrients. If you have a nice strain, you will probably not need any additional fertilizers. But with good soil, you can even do without any nitrogen nutrients at all.

If you are not going to keep your project in secret from everyone, ask your friends to help you with some materials. If anyone of them is already an experienced grower, they can help you with some items or at least give some advice. Visit garage sales in your area—you may find some very useful things for a very good price. Look for grow shop sales. And, of course, look at what you have in your house that can be handy in your growing project.

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