Apr 29, 2016 7:37 AM

How to Grow Cannabis Plants Indoors: Tutorial for Beginners

So, you want to grow your first cannabis plant indoors but do not know how to begin. Do not worry! We will tell you how, and you will see that everything is easier than it may seem.

Grow Cannabis Plants Indoors


Do not rush to buy seeds if you are a novice. Start with the seeds that can be found in your own bud. Once you become more experienced, you will know how to distinguish the sativa weed strains from the indica or hybrid ones. In time, you will learn more about regular cannabis, feminized, and auto-flowering seeds. But for now, start with the seeds you currently possess.


Various methods are used for indoor growing. Today, we will turn your attention only to the soil method because it is the best option for beginners. The soil method guarantees the most natural marijuana flavor and makes cannabis the most suitable for cooking.


Before starting with the soil growing, we need to germinate the marijuana seeds. It is rather helpful not only for the beginners. All you need is a folded dampened paper towel. Place seeds in it and leave them there overnight. In the morning, check the seeds. If they have sprouted, the seeds are ready. In case you see no sprouts, do not worry. Just re-dampen the paper towel and repeat the process until you succeed. If the seeds do not sprout within 5-6 days, they are probably defective. Take different seeds and start the process again.


You will have to find some place to grow your plant. The space plays a significant role in growing weed indoors. First of all, you need to grow your seeds in the room with white-colored walls. Such walls will reflect light back at your plant or plants. In case you do not have such rooms, you can cover the walls with aluminum foil. However, white-colored walls work better than the foil-covered ones. Then, you have to be sure your plant will not be damaged by water. You can line the floor with plastic drop sheets or trash bags.


It is better to use 250-400 Watt HPS or HID MH lights. Fluorescent light bulbs are not a good idea, but if you have no choice, use the CFL ones. Take note that each plant needs at least a 100-Watt CFL bulb. Remember that you plant will grow, so you will need to mount the lights. Use a light reflector and a fan, which will help circulate the oxygen.


You will need a 3-5 gallon bucket for each plant you are going to grow. The bottom of the bucket should be poked with 4-6 small holes to allow extra water to drain through them. If the bucket comes with a lid, you can place it underneath the bucket to gather water.

Fill each bucket with soil, but do not forget to leave approximately 4 inches at the top. It is better to use organic potting soil for this purpose. Before using the soil, test its PH level with the help of a PH meter. The PH level should be 6.0 or 7.0. Do not forget that nutrients will impact the soil's acidity. There are various PH balancing kits you can use to make the soil suitable for weed growing.

Once the bucket is filled with soil, make a small ¼ or ½-inch deep hole in the center of the bucket. You can do it with your finger. Then, place the seeds in it and cover the hole with soil. Pack the soil firmly but not too densely—you need to leave the sprout a chance to push through the soil.

Light and Nutrient Routine

During the first two weeks, you should provide the plant with 16 hours of light and 8 hours of dark every day and feed the plant only with water. Then, increase the amount of light by 60 minutes each day until your plant gets 18-24 hours of light per day. You will also need to add some nutrients. It is better to use a nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium mix in the 30-15-15 ratio. Once your plant reaches approximately 12 inches, decrease the amount of light to 12 hours. When the plant starts to flower, use a nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium mix in the 15-30-30 ratio. You should also remove all the male plants as soon as you notice them. Male plants can be distinguished by their pollen sacs. When half of the small hair-like glands of weed buds (trichomes) turn amber, it is time to harvest. To know for sure, use a magnifying glass to check all the marijuana buds.

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