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How to Germinate Seeds When Growing Marijuana?

If you have decided to grow your own marijuana garden and do not know how to germinate seeds yet, we are happy to say that in most cases, there is nothing difficult in this process.

How to Germinate Seeds When Growing Marijuana

Yet, if it is your first garden, you may be nervous whether you will do everything right. If you have bought very expensive seeds that were difficult to get, you will want the germination to go as successfully as possible. So here are some basic rules and tips that can help you grow your marijuana garden from tiny brownish seeds into big monstrous bushes (hopefully, the female ones).

Choosing marijuana seeds

Every strain has its own type of seeds, but usually, only very experienced growers can see the difference. Generally, healthy marijuana seeds should be brown, round, with one side pointed like a peak. Some seeds may be a bit longer, others may have a more round shape, but on average, the sizes are about 3/16 of an inch long and 1/8 of an inch wide.

Most strains have a grayish-brown color, sometimes with black stripes. If you see some yellow, white, or green spots on seeds, or if the seeds are soft and too small, they are not likely to germinate.

Conditions for germination

Generally, everything you need is water, air, and heat.

You may take usual tap water from your bathroom, though it contains chlorine. Not that it is dangerous, but it can slow the germination. Instead, you may use special pH balanced water for germination, or you may leave the usual water from the municipal supply to sit for a couple of days. Just pour the water in some pot and leave it uncovered so the chlorine can evaporate into the air.

You need water to activate the hormonal changes inside the seed that will trigger the growth of roots and leaves. Your main task is not to let the seeds get dry: constant watering guarantees that the seeds will grow into healthy plants.

For creating the best conditions for germination, you will need to set the temperature at 75 80 degrees Fahrenheit (23 26 Celcius). With higher or lower temperatures, the seeds will stay alive, but the germination will go slower.

Some growers recommend covering the seeds with plastic wrap to create a microclimate for marijuana seeds. We believe it is a bad idea as the lack of fresh air and high humidity are no good for marijuana (which is native to an arid climate), but way too good for fungus. The seeds require oxygen to germinate, and there is more than enough of it in the usual air, so there is no need for turning a bowl with seeds into a little swamp.

Growth medium

As for the growth medium, you can even get along without it. Just put the seeds into a saucer, pour water so that it does not cover the seeds completely, and put the saucer on a heating mat. All you need is to add some fresh water from time to time as it evaporates. The moment you see a little root appear, you need to plant the seed immediately.

You can also use pH balanced mineral wool, perlite, or root cubes. In this case, you will not see whether the seed has germinated until you see a small seedling above the surface. The benefit of this way of germination is that you do not need to transplant the seeds until the leaves appear, so the chances of hurting the roots are minimal.

So, as you can see, the question “How to germinate weed seeds?” has a very simple answer―just start doing it, and we are sure soon you will see the signs of future beautiful plants.

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