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How to Choose High-Quality Cannabis Seeds?

Once you decided to start growing marijuana from seeds, you have got yourself a huge problem that needs to be solved—how and where do you find quality cannabis seeds? Luckily for you, we at WeedGrowHub know some tricks and are ready to share our knowledge with you.

High-Quality Cannabis Seeds

How to find high-quality and healthy seeds?

At the first glance, it seems to be pretty easy to start your garden by using marijuana seeds. All you need to do is to find some quality seeds, germinate them, then put them in soil and wait for the result. However, the reality is that it is quite difficult to determine whether you have got high-quality and healthy cannabis seeds or not.

Marijuana Clones vs. Marijuana Seeds: Choosing Best Option
Marijuana Clones vs. Marijuana Seeds: Choosing Best Option
It will take you a lot of time and money, and many attempts and failures before you learn how to grow high-quality cannabis. One of the most controversial questions every weed grower will eventually face is whether you should use marijuana clones or seeds.

When it comes to buying weed seeds, there are plenty potential risks to consider. Frozen, damaged, immature or too old—whatever is the problem with your seeds, it significantly decreases your chances to get a large yield. The worst part is that you can hardly tell whether your seeds are good or not by just looking at them. Nevertheless, the appearance of the seeds can tell you something about their state and quality.

The chances are high that you are looking at healthy, high-quality cannabis seeds, if they are:

  • undamaged,
  • big and fat,
  • round shaped,
  • dark brown with lighter spots or strips.

You should definitely avoid buying bad-looking seeds: pale green or white seeds are most likely immature, too small seeds will give you small and weak plants, and cracked seeds will probably give you no sprouts at all.

How to Germinate Seeds When Growing Marijuana?
How to Germinate Seeds When Growing Marijuana?
If you have decided to grow your own marijuana garden and do not know how to germinate seeds yet, we are happy to say that in most cases, there is nothing difficult in this process.

What type of seeds is better?

Since growing high-quality cannabis with perfect buds is all about genetics, finding the perfect strain is really important. When it comes to picking a certain strain, the first thing you should think about is what are you going to grow your weed for. Will it be for medical or recreational purposes? Are you only going to smoke your weed or are you planning on using marijuana leaves and seeds too?

The following summary will make it easier for you to choose a particular type of cannabis for your garden:


Sativa plants grow thin and tall and tend to produce larger yields than other types of weed. The only drawback of this group of strains is that it usually takes them longer to mature.


Indica plants mature earlier than sativas and produce a bit sticky buds. The plants are bushy and shorter than sativas.


Hybrid cannabis plants are the most common type of weed currently available on the market. Specific characteristics depend on the type of dominant strain.


Autoflowering cannabis plants usually grow extremely short, so it will be the perfect choice for the growers who want to use their grow space wisely. These plants also mature faster than any other type of weed but have a lower potency.

10 Best Autoflowering Seeds
10 Best Autoflowering Seeds
Autoflower seeds may be the next step in marijuana breeding. By combining sativas and indicas with their wild and untamed sisters Cannabis ruderalis, breeders managed to get almost perfect strains that give you a big yield

Where can you find the best cannabis seeds?

If you happen to be in Amsterdam, it will be easy for you to find some excellent marijuana seeds in one of the local seeds centers or banks. But when it comes to buying high-quality cannabis seeds in the USA, there are only a few reliable options.


It is probably the cheapest way to get your seeds since you do not have to pay a cent for them. However, the quality of the seeds that you pick out of your buds can be very doubtful. Furthermore, high-quality buds usually do not contain any seeds, so the only place where you can find some mature seeds is in low-quality marijuana. But do you really want to waste your time on growing low-quality weed?


Buying weed seeds online is probably the easiest and the fastest way to find the seeds you need. Unfortunately, there are too many risks related to that kind of deals: there is no guarantee that you will get the strain you ordered, moreover, there is no guarantee that you will receive anything at all. So, if you decide to order cannabis seeds online, you should work with trusted and highly recommended online shops only.

A seeds shop or bank

Buying cannabis seeds from a seeds bank or shop is, on the one hand, the most expensive way to start your garden. On the other hand, it is almost the only way you can get concrete guarantees about the state and quality of the seeds that you have purchased. If you want to get really top-quality buds, you should consider purchasing cannabis seeds from a reputable seeds bank or at least a trusted commercial distributor.

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Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds
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