Jun 15, 2017 12:30 PM

HID Grow Lights: Which Type to Choose?

High-intensity discharge or simply HID grow lights are pretty popular among both novice and experienced cannabis growers. Today, we will tell you about different types of HID lights and the main pros and cons of using them for your grow room.

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Here Is Everything You Need to Know About Marijuana Grow Tent Setup
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What are the benefits of HID lights?

The major reason why most marijuana growers choose HID lights over other types of lighting systems is that HID lights allow you to get higher yields per watt of electricity than any other lighting system. But these grow lights have a few other benefits.

For example, since HID grow lights are quite easy to set up, they are a reasonable choice for marijuana growers who do not have a lot of experience. Plus, HID lights usually cost less than their LED or fluorescent analogs, so it may help you cut the electricity bills—but only if you use these lights wisely.

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LED Grow Lights Can Boost Quality of Your Weed
Though marijuana is naturally used to growing outdoors under the sunlight, climate differences and other factors force American growers to cultivate weed indoors. Thanks to the new technological advancements, cannabis producers manage to achieve the same results with indoor growing as outdoor cultivation brings.

What are the drawbacks?

Even though HID grow lights have a lot of pros, there are also a lot of cons. First of all, HID lights are power hungry, so if you do not want to spend a fortune on the electricity bills, you need to look for a perfectly balanced solution. 600W HPS lights would be the best choice since they offer a good balance between the amount of light produced and electricity consumed.

Secondly, while giving lots of light and helping your cannabis plants grow faster, HID lights produce a lot of heat. This means you need to use a ventilation system or, at least, an exhaust fan in order to cool down the air and protect your plants from overheating.

MH or HPS?

Choosing the right type of HID lights is crucial. There are two types of HIP grow lights: HPS (High Pressure Sodium) and MH (Metal Halide). The main difference between the two is the color of the light they produce.

HPS grow lights produce warmer yellow light that works best for the flowering stage of the plants' growing cycle. HPS lights stimulate weed bud production and help increase the yields. MH lights, in their turn, sit at the blue end of the spectrum and work best for the vegetative stage of the growing cycle.

If you want to get the highest yields possible, you should use both types of HID lights for your marijuana garden. This way, your will be able to give you plants the right type of the light just at the right moment.

There are different variations of HID grow light kits with a complete set of lighting equipment, including bulbs, ballast, and a reflector. And if for some reason you cannot or do not want to use both types of HID lights in your garden, we suggest you stick to using HPS lights for the entire grow. These lights are the most efficient and will increase your chances of getting a great crop.

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Setting Up Marijuana Grow Room
4 Things to Keep in Mind When Setting Up Marijuana Grow Room
Many weed growers, both novice and experienced, prefer indoor growing techniques over outdoor alternatives. By choosing a nice indoor grow room setup, you can increase you chances of having a large, healthy crop.

What type of lights do you use in your grow room? Tell us about it and leave a comment.

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