Mar 16, 2017 12:35 PM

Harvesting Marijuana at the Right Time: Outdoor vs. Indoor

Although harvesting may seem to be one of the easiest parts of the cannabis cultivation process, it is, in fact, the most important and difficult stage. You risk throwing months of hard work out the window if you choose the wrong time for harvesting marijuana. In today's article we will tell you how to pick the perfect time for reaping your weed harvest.

When to harvest outdoor-grown cannabis?

If you grow weed outdoors, you need to consider a few things:

  • the strain you grow;
  • your local climate;
  • the weather on the harvest day.

Different marijuana strains need different amounts of time to fully grow and mature. Consider it when you pick specific weed strains for your garden.

When you grow weed outdoors, the weather becomes the key factor. The end of the summer is believed to be the ultimate time for harvesting pot because if you wait until the first frost, the cold may ruin your crop.

It is also very important for the weather to be warm and sunny on the day you harvest your weed because the rain may, if not ruin your crop, at least extend the curing time.

Tutorial for Beginners: Harvesting, Cutting, and Drying Your Weed
Tutorial for Beginners: Harvesting, Cutting, and Drying Your Weed
If you managed to grow a plant from seed or a clone, that is a great achievement. However, it was only the beginning. Now you need to know how to harvest your plants to make them as potent as possible. Our tutorial will help you to find out the right time and way to do this.

Remember that you need to stop watering your plants a couple of weeks prior to harvest. Usually, the correct time is right when the flowering is about to end. At this point, the plants will give you a few hints: new buds will appear less frequently, the leaves and buds will start to change their color. Once the buds started to turn their color from rich green to light brown, you need to harvest them immediately.

When to harvest indoor grown marijuana?

With the indoor marijuana harvesting, the only thing you can rely on are rather little changes in the appearance of your marijuana plants. Particularly, you should focus most of your attention on trichomes.

When a cannabis plant is almost ready for the harvest, the trichomes that cover marijuana buds will start to change their color from clear to white or amber. Translucent trichomes mean that the bud is still immature and needs more time to reach its maximum potency. But when at least half of the buds have turned from milky white to brown or amber, it is the perfect time to cut them off.

Just like with the outdoor-grown cannabis, you need to stop watering your weed plants a few weeks prior to the harvest time. Some weed growers also recommend getting rid of unwanted nutrients two weeks before harvest by over-irrigating the medium.

Use these little tricks to determine whether it is time to harvest your weed or not, and you will never miss the right moment.

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