Jun 1, 2016 9:10 AM

Growing Marijuana Indoors or Outdoors: Choose As if You Were Making Wine

When it comes to treating marijuana as if it was wine, most people think about the legal background. In California, there was even an initiative called the Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act of 2012, which offered to regulate all marijuana-related activities similarly to those of wine industry. But have you ever wondered if it is possible to make weed like they make wine? WeedGrowHub will tell you about the most important steps you should take to start growing marijuana indoors like a real winemaker.

Growing Marijuana Indoors or Outdoors

Rely on science

Clearly, the potency of marijuana is one of its most important qualities. But is potency really all you need from weed? When it comes to alcoholic drinks, alcohol levels determine how strong they are and help you understand how long will it take you to get drunk if you choose one or another. But a real connoisseur pays much more attention to other qualities of a beverage in their glass, mostly to taste and flavor. It takes years for people to learn to feel the tiny differences between different wines.

With marijuana, it can be quite similar. Certain strains have unique flavors and tastes, and their buds look differently as well. So, instead of focusing only on the limited binary distinction of energizing sativa/mellow indica, marijuana users should probably try to learn more about various strains and terpene concentrations. Terpenes give marijuana its flavor along with some subtle effects, so a person with a deeper understanding of terpenes may become a real sommelier of cannabis.

Choose your strains wisely

Just like with fine wine, to have a perfect marijuana experience you need to pick the right strain first. Even more so, if you are planning to grow this fine cannabis yourself.

Most marijuana growers pay attention to certain qualities of weed strains, like the time between seeding and harvesting or the estimated potency of the buds. But have you ever thought about selecting a strain that will grow best in your particular location? This issue gets even more important if you are growing weed outdoors or in a greenhouse.

Marijuana is believed to be a very nutrient-hungry plant that likes both sun and moisture. But different strains have different needs, and you can use the knowledge of these needs for your own benefit.

Combine different growing techniques

In order to get the best result possible, try to combine various growing techniques. Learn how to grow marijuana indoor and outdoor, and find a solution that will work best for you. Perhaps, you can replace some electric lights in your grow room with a natural sunlight coming through your windows? Or you can build a greenhouse instead, and take the best from nature while still controlling the micro-climate in your marijuana growing space. Treat marijuana like wine, and eventually, you will become a real connoisseur and will join the league of the best cannabis makers.

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