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Growing Cannabis Indoors: Sea of Green Method

For those who do not like to wait and want quick results, there is the Sea of Green method of growing marijuana indoors, a.k.a. SOG. The idea is to force the plants to switch to the flowering stage much earlier than with the traditional way of growing, and therefore, to harvest your cannabis many weeks earlier as well.

Growing Cannabis Indoors: Sea of Green Method

Benefits of Sea of Green method

This technique was developed in the Netherlands in order to have a constant supply and to use the space efficiently. It does not mean that SOG fits only small-space gardens; you can also use it for greenhouses or large rooms for growing. The trick is that you will be able to fit several little plants in the space that would be otherwise taken by only one single plant grown in the traditional way.

Of course, you cannot expect to get the same size of yield from both the small plants and the large plants during one harvest period. SOG provides you with a smaller harvest, but since with this technique you will harvest more often, eventually, the accumulated yield will be greater.

Some of the strains need ten or more weeks for vegetating, so using SOG with this kind of plants is definitely beneficial. While you are growing one plant in the traditional way, you may reap a double harvest with the SOG technique.

With SOG, you may also use light more efficiently. Not only will you pay less for electricity (which is, no doubt, also a benefit), but you can get the most from your plants as well. Small plants will not overshadow each other and will not keep their bases hidden from the light, so you may expect your garden to grow successfully using all the available light. If you install full-spectrum LED grow light, it can increase your chances of getting a nice yield in the end (not to mention, it can save your energy as well).

How to use Sea of Green method

This method is suitable for any grower, whether they are experienced or just beginners, as it does not require any special skills. All you need is to understand the concept. Once you try the Sea of Green technique, we are sure you will love it and try it again and again.

First, buy some fast-growing marijuana seeds. You may try it with your favorite strain or choose one of the listed below. Then germinate your seeds and wait till they are strong enough for transplanting.

You may also choose to create your garden with clones, but then try to ensure all clones are more or less the same sizeā€•this will allow you to treat the whole garden in the same way.

Transplant your baby plants in separate pots or in one big container so that there is 1 square foot (30 cm2) per each plant.

Place your garden under the grow light and leave it to grow in the 18-24 hours light regime for two-three weeks or until the plants become 10-12 inches (25-30 cm) in height.

At this point, you need to switch the lighting to the 12/12 light regime to force your marijuana plants to start flowering.

Once you know which plants are females and which are males, you should separate them. Unless you want to have seed supply, there is not much use in saving male plants. At the same time, ladies will form a dense canopy of buds, and some of the lower branches will be of no use anymore. You should carefully remove these branches to save energy for the yield.

We would recommend not to throw those branches away but try to use them as clones. If they have at least three nodes, there is a chance you can grow nice female plants out of them.

Now, all you need to do is to wait till your marijuana plants are ready to be harvested.

Of course, the details may depend on the strains you use and on the room conditions. With some plants, it is possible to switch to the flowering mode when the seedlings are only 6 inches high, others may require a bit more space for leaves. Try SOG yourself and adjust it to your own garden. SOG is actually one of the easiest ways to grow marijuana, so there are not many chances to fail.

Strains suitable for Sea of Green method

Not every strain is good for this method, but you can always try it first with a single plant to experiment. In most cases, indicas are better than sativas due to their squat structure. If you do not have any preferences, you may use one of the following:

U2 Kush (indica)

Chocolate Kush (indica)

Kandy Kush (hybrid)

Red Dwarf (indica)

Royal Dwarf (hybrid)

God Bud (indica)

Northern Lights (indica)

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