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Growing Cannabis Indoors: 7 Ways to Silence the Grow Room

Growing cannabis indoors may become a tough process. It requires much attention, constant control, and special care. Experienced growers know that if you use circulating fans, air stone, and reservoir pumps, you cannot go under the radar. All this equipment makes so much noise that it would be hard to blame your neighbors for complaints. That is why if you want to start indoor cannabis growing, think about silencing your grow room beforehand. And, of course, we are always here to help you with it. Here are seven ways to silence the room for marijuana growing. We are sure you will find at least one that suits you.

 Growing Cannabis Indoors: 7 Ways to Silence the Grow Room

Choose a proper duct Fan

Before rushing to silence your grow room, think about purchasing a proper duct fan. Use the fan that is appropriate for your growing space. The thing is, the more air it draws, the louder it works. Moreover, you should not reduce the speed of your current duct fan, because it may damage it. All you need to do is to calculate the CFM (cubic feet per minute) for your growing room to make the work of your duct fan as efficient and quiet as possible. Use any online CFM calculator to decide on the proper duct fan. Be careful not to forget about filters. If you use them, find out their rating and take this figure into account while calculating the CFM. Filters reduce pressure, so the duct fan should be powerful enough to compensate it.

Mute the sound of airflow with a muffler

Every grower is familiar with a loud whistling sound that can easily reveal you. A muffler is a great tool to reduce the air speed and turbulence, saving you from this annoying sound. If you are low on cash, you can even make a muffler yourself.

Various types of ducting

Fabric ducting is the best option for situations when your room requires good ventilation, but you do not want to hear any loud noises. Moreover, such type of ducting is very easy to install. The flexi-metallic and rigid-metallic ducting may cause some noisy turbulence and vibrations. Another option is to install fiberglass ducting, which insulates heat and is soundproof. However, this option is rather expensive. It is better to use fabric ducting and add the insulated one for the last stretch of the duct before it goes outside. In case you do not want to use fabric ducting, remember that the fewer bends and turns the ducting has the better. Bends cause the noisy turbulence that you want to get rid of.

Dispose of the vibrations

The vibrations caused by the fan can be easily reduced. The thing is, they appear only when the fan directly touches the ground, walls, or ceiling. If you put the fan in a wooden box and use bungee cords to keep the fan away from the ceiling, there will be no vibrations.

Keep air and water pumps isolated

There are air and water pumps in your grow room, and it is most likely that they are placed on the floor. If it is true, these pumps cause noise and vibrations. But do not get upset, it is absolutely fixable. You will need high-density foam, a rubber surface, anti-sonar duct wrap, or any other soundproof and fireproof material. Cut out a few pieces of the chosen material and place it between the pump and the ground.

Place more airstones

Air pumps cause a lot of noise, which can be easily reduced with the help of airstones. Just place them in a series, and you will notice how quietly the air pump works and will benefit from the enhanced oxygenation.

Soundproof the entire grow room

The most important and the hardest step is to soundproof the entire grow room. Some houses are built with the help of soundproof technologies, but not so many. It does not mean that you will have to break the walls or start home remodeling. A great option here is to install rubber floor underlayments under the layer of linoleum or wood floor. You can also hang up vinyl curtains. This option is especially good for those who rent a house. Hang the pyramid acoustic foam on the walls, but do not use egg cartons in your grow room. They are highly flammable and not as soundproof as you may think. Remember that there should be no flammable materials in the grow room at all. The last thing we can recommend you is to seal up the cracks with acoustically rated caulk.

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