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Grow Tent Lining: White or Silver?

In the U.S., silver-lined grow tents are way more popular and widely used. Although marijuana growers in Europe prefer white-lined grow tents over their analogs with silver lining. But what works best for the plants? Which marijuana growing tent will help you receive the best crop? WeedGrowHub will try to help you figure this out.

Grow Tent Lini​ng: White or Silver?

A brief history

The very first grow boxes and grow tents made in Europe had white lining. The reason for choosing white paint was clear―white color is well known for its high ability to reflect light. This is why most European grow tents had a white-colored inner coating.

On the other side of the Atlantic, however, white inner coating for grow tents and boxes is not as popular as in Europe. Why? Some people think it is because decades ago when marijuana growers were looking for a grow tent with white lining, they choose cheaper versions of these tents that were made in China. The problem was that instead of PET (polyethylene) plastic used in the original European grow tents with a white inner coating, Chinese manufacturers used PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

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3 Tips on Choosing Marijuana Grow Tent
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This substitution was crucial. Instead of healthy plants with big, high-quality buds, all the growers have got was burned yellow leaves and ruined crops. This is one of the main reasons white coating reputation is so controversial across North America.

White vs. silver: what works best?

Some people may think that choosing between white and silver coating for a grow tent is a matter of taste. However, the reality is that white grow tent lining was proven to be better than its silver analog.

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Here Is Everything You Need to Know About Marijuana Grow Tent Setup
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In 2012, a Czech grow-book author known as Mr. Jose compared two similar grow tents that had only one difference: the first had silver inner coating, and the second had white lining. In order to find out how much light a plant receives inside each of the tents, Mr. Jose measured light output in PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) per watt. The results were unquestionable: a grow tent with white coating delivers best light to the plants and minimizes the heat inside the tent.

You can watch the video below and see it for yourself.

What to choose?

The winner may seem to be obvious, but do not rush to order a grow tent kit with a white inner coating yet. Remember the negative experience of those marijuana growers who decided to save some money and bought poor-quality white-lined grow tents. The color matters, but the quality is something that matters even more. So, pick grow tents wisely and always choose higher quality over lower expenses.

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