May 4, 2016 8:15 AM

Grow Like a Pro: Gadgets to Turn You From Amateur Grower to High-Tech Guru

Marijuana is a risky business. Although 24 states and D. C. have already legalized some forms of the plant, the possession, distribution, and growth remain illegal in most parts of the United States. But even this cannot stop innovations in the area.

Grow Like a Pro: Gadgets to Turn You From Amateur Grower to High-Tech Guru

Of course, there are plenty of different gadgets, both cool and frankly weird, for indoor and outdoor growing. They range from cheap to costing like an iPhone 6S. Here are just a few but probably the best of them that can help you grow a real “jungle of cannabis” at home with little effort.

Osmosis Water Filter

In order to thrive, a cannabis plant needs light, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients, and clear water.

Perhaps, you are a lucky person that has access to pure, soft water measuring at 60 ppm TDS or less, but most hydroponic growers are forced to seek alternative methods of getting clear water for their marijuana. Some of them rely on guesswork to make a nutrient solution running the risk of calcium toxicity.

Different water sources have different levels of minerals, and every good pot grower knows that water analysis should be performed before the first seed is planted.

The best way to prepare water for the growing crop is to use an under-sink reverse osmosis filter. It has a membrane that removes up to 99 percent of organic toxins, minerals, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

Mobile Macro Lens

Observing trichomes is a great way to determine the optimum time for harvesting the marijuana crop.

Earlier, cannabis growers used different additional equipment like magnifying glasses or jeweler's loupes. But today, you can throw all these bulky tools away and use only your smartphone.

A smartphone macro lens offers a great optical experience to growers by transforming iPhone's camera into a digital microscope loupe that will allow you to track the trichomes of your growing plants much easier. You will see how the top buds are becoming cloudy, then amber, then brown, and clip them off to ensure the highest quality of your cannabis.

Leaf-Surface Infrared Thermometer

Every experienced grower knows how important the temperature in the growing room is. You must keep track of humidity and temperature all the time and try to keep them at certain levels.

For example, the optimal day temp range for marijuana is around 75 to 86°F, and the humidity is close to 50 percent. Lower temperatures will reduce evaporation through the leaves of the plant decreasing the suction force via the roots and halting the growth. A higher temperature can cause leaf burn.

But the air temperature is totally different than the surface temperature of the plant. Cannabis plants transpire water, therefore, the surface temperature is expected to be a lot cooler than the ambient air temperature. The difference between ambient air and leaf temperature is the best indicator of crop stress.

A leaf-surface thermometer will help you adjust the climate control and monitor the temperature more precisely. It is a pretty useful gadget that infers temperature from a portion of thermal radiation.

Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

This innovative device is ideal for the laziest cannabis growers because it can grow your weed almost independently.

The Koubachi is a Wi-Fi-connected environmental monitor designed to measure the ambient temperature, soil moisture, and the intensity of light. It is also equipped with a connected plant sensor for informing the grower exactly how they should make cannabis flourish.

There are simple step-by-step instructions and detailed pictures to guide you through the initial process of getting your sensor to talk to your router. Moreover, it will even tell you if you do something wrong and give you some advice.

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