Whats yp with leaves?

Dec 22, 2016
Day 17. Nutrient mix 1.5 – 1.5 – 1- Diamond 2 ml. 5.8 pH, 690 ppm (6.8 pH, 420 ppm drainage). I started to bend her branches with the help of wire. I hope you can help me with advice. Is it not too cruel to her? My lighting used to be 18 inches away from the plant, 90F near the leaves. Now, it is 22 inches above the plant, 86F. I didn't cover it with anything, just a simple lamp under the reflector (don't even ask me why I installed it so close, I don't know). How far should I move it? Now, the humidity is 57% in my room. The leaves are still twisted.
Vegetation, 3 weeks
Liberty Haze (hybrid) from Barneys Farm