leaves again((

Dec 22, 2016
Brothers, I thought that the problems with the leaves were due to the lack of potassium. But usually the lack of nutrients reveals itself on the bottom and overdose – on the top of the bush. But this stuff on the leaves is all over the plant, both on old and new leaves. That is why I think it is some kind of illness. Mildew or whatever. I have never seen it though. I water the plant every day, 3 liters of nutrient mix, and twice a week I give it clean water. The nutrient mix is 2 – 1.5 – 1.3, 1000 ppm, 5.5pH (1150 ppm, 5.6 pH drainage). It is the flowering stage already. The veg was 40 days, the plant is 32 inches high.
Flowering, 3 weeks
Liberty Haze (hybrid) from Barneys Farm