Week 2 update

Mar 25, 2017
So I'm pretty late on this update and the plants are going into week 3 soon, but I have picture from when it was beginning week 2 so I'll show you that first. The leaves issue is better now, all leaves are looking great. You will notice that the blueberry is more aggressive then ak-48. I was going to have two ak-48 but the second seed I planted didn't make it. I think I wasn't careful enough when I planted it and may have broke its tap root. Since one seed didn't germinate and the other broke, I don't feel like testing my luck with anther so I'm gonna stick with two plants instead. Also I'm only gonna have one LED light instead of two. I changed the 6700k CFLs to 2700k which are much better for veg. I didn't really change anything else but you will see great change in week 3 update, which will be posted tomorrow or if not then very soon. Sorry the pics are sideways... maybe I should take the pics in landscape orientation so they upload properly
Vegetation, 2 weeks
Auto Feminized AK-48 (hybrid) from Nirvana
Blueberry (indica) from seedsman
BrownDuck Mar 25, 2017 5:20 PM
Taking the pictures in landscape orientation is the way to go! I had the same issue at first with my pictures but ever since switching to landscape mode its worked every time. If they stretch too much then you might want to use something to help them stay up.