Mar 8, 2017
So one of my seeds did not germinate, but the other two did. This happens sometimes and that's okay because I have more seeds from the same vender. I will start germination tonight of the new auto ak48 fem. it will be about 5 days behind but that's not a big deal Right now I'm only using a couple of 2700k 100w replacement CFL bulbs because it's beginning stages and they don't require that much light, plus I'm still finishing up my other plant, which is a nirvana random strain. The ak48 seedling has yellowing on the leaves, I'm not sure why, the ppm is at around 50-100 ppm with my tap water and is ph perfect at about 6.7-7.0
Vegetation, 1 week
Auto Feminized AK-48 (hybrid) from Nirvana
Blueberry (indica) from seedsman
Orion_growing Mar 14, 2017 7:37 AM
Perfect pH for veg is 5.5-6.0 All minerals and feeding from soil absorb better
ThatKush Mar 25, 2017 9:05 AM
( Sorry for the late reply) Really? I thought that was for hydroponics.. maybe I'll try to lower ph to see what happens, but the leaves look pretty good at this point. If I have problems then I will lower the ph, thanks for the comment .