First time with an Autoflower

–°hanged Mar 29, 2017
I will use 1 Maxsisun 300w (142w actual) LED full 12 band spectrum to cover a 2 by 2 area. I will be growing an Ak-48 auto fem and Blueberry fem. I'm using roots organics Soil as recommended by my grow shop. I plan to PH my water to 6.9 since the nuits tend to lower ph in the soil. Water temps will be at 20-21 celsius. I will use the FoxFarm nutrient line. (Tiger bloom, Grow big, and Big bloom) Plus a slight nitogen booster once the plants mature a little more and aren't seedlings. Any questions, tips, comments, or constructive criticism are all welcome.
Vegetation, 3 weeks
Auto Feminized AK-48 (hybrid) from Nirvana
Blueberry (indica) from seedsman
ThatKush Mar 2, 2017 8:46 PM
I will be germinating them soon
AdminWGH Mar 3, 2017 8:29 AM
Welcome ThatKush. Wait for your start! Good Luck!
ThatKush Mar 3, 2017 9:31 AM
Thanks man
Josh Swanson Sep 24, 2017 9:37 PM
hope you have better luck then i did with my auto 48s dont know where you got yours from but i would love to get my hands on some my seeds one died early and the other produced a small yield but it was my first time with autos
  • Vegetation
    3 weeks
  • Week 3 update
    Mar 29, 2017
    So I'm late on the update once again my bad, but it's 3 days into week 3 or day 26. Btw i planted them around march 5th so I'm counting from there, which makes this day 26 of veg overall. So I topped the blueberry strain, and I will be transplanting them very soon. As soon as I transplant (probably tomorrow) I will tie... Read more
  • Vegetation
    2 weeks
  • Week 2 update
    Mar 25, 2017
    So I'm pretty late on this update and the plants are going into week 3 soon, but I have picture from when it was beginning week 2 so I'll show you that first. The leaves issue is better now, all leaves are looking great. You will notice that the blueberry is more aggressive then ak-48. I was going to have two ak-48 but... Read more
  • Vegetation
    1 week
  • So one of my seeds did not germinate, but the other two did. This happens sometimes and that's okay because I have more seeds from the same vender. I will start germination tonight of the new auto ak48 fem. it will be about 5 days behind but that's not a big deal Right now I'm only using a couple of 2700k 100w replace... Read more
  • So I am germinating them using regular tap water, water temp at 21 celcious. I will leave them submerged until the crack open. Once they do, I will put them between paper towels with water and keep them moist throughout the day until I see a good 1/4 inch of a tap root, then I will plant asap.