End of week 4 flower update

Apr 13, 2017
Been a little while since I've posted an update, been busy working on lots of various projects. Expanded my veg light to push out more power and added more strips to increase efficiency. Also built a little control box for my LED drivers so they can run remote instead of strapped to the light fixture. Has dimmer knobs and individual on/off switches like before but added some amp meters so I can see how much power each light is chewing up. Definitely not perfect but most of my projects aren't, haha. Ladies are doing well, frosting up nicely and kicking out some awesome scents. I only have cuttings from one pheno but luckily she's the one standing out to me so far. Got what looks like a good blend of Dosi and OGKB, raunchy peanut butter fuel and already looking like she might turn black, great structure, moderate stretch. Just hope the smoke is bomb! Anyway, everything is pretty much on cruise control for now, but I'll grab some bud shots every so often. I'll be starting another report for the Triangle Crips in my little veg tent.
Flowering, 4 weeks
Peanut Butter Breath (hybrid) from Thug Pug Genetics