Week 5 coming to an end

Jun 26, 2017
She's not doing too bad, I haven't been watering at all really, very little, and she's doing quite well. Not using anything besides some tap water or hose water
Vegetation, 5 weeks
Lemon G (hybrid)
Masta_Che 25 days ago
looks good,
SleeperOG 23 days ago
So far so good
BrownDuck 21 day ago
Is that week 5 from seed? If so good. If not then dang its growing very slowly. But good job though. Shes looking healthy.
SleeperOG 17 days ago
Week 5 from seed. Doing quite well for a plant that doesn't get the best attention. I have only watered a few amount of times.
BrownDuck 14 days ago
Looks very beautiful
SleeperOG 13 days ago
Thanks man