Ready for harvest

Mar 27, 2017
This is it! Some of the photos as well as the video in this post correspond to minutes prior harvest (which is presented in the next post). According to the criteria in online communities, I think I harvested a little bit earlier than I should, however according to the person who sold me the seed (and saw the photos of my previous post) I harvested a week too late. Anyway, at this point the buds are not growing anymore, some new white hairs came out during the last couple of weeks, whereas the old ones turned all orange. The plant at this point has a very fruity smell, I watered it with plain tap water for the last two times. I'm very excited to have reached this point.
Flowering, 9 weeks
Tropa de Elite (sativa) from Maconha
BrownDuck Mar 27, 2017 3:02 PM
Congratulations. Hey, can you please post some pictures of the harvest after drying and your weight harvested. I'm curious to see what the results where.
santugrow Apr 3, 2017 11:37 AM
Hey BrownDuck. Results are up in the new post (about 20g dry weight, I did not weigh my wet harvest)