Buds start to appear :)

Feb 15, 2017
From week 3 to week 6 my plant exhibited the most significant growth in biomass as well as height, I even noticed a final stretch during the very early stages of flowering (which started at week 4), but now the growth seems to have stopped. It's been exciting. One can tell when the flowers are coming as every pair of new leaves starts stacking or overlapping with the next ones (I took plenty of photos of this). At around week 4, some leaves started to get some ugly stains, I'm still not sure if it's a normal thing and part of the vegetative stage, or nutrient burn, or lack of nutrients. I panicked of course, and I did my first flush (I think): I watered the plant with about 2 liters of plain water, let it leak (you can see my setup in the photos), and then I added water with a bit of nutrients, hoping to reset the whole thing. Of course, I still have no idea what I'm doing. Photoperiod has been gradually changed from 18:6 to 16:8 (light:dark), despite being told I don't need to change photoperiod on auto plants. Since the top bud was too close to the light, I bent the stem to a side and tied it to the corner of the grow box, I show this in my last photo but it's not very clear because the other plants get in the way. The video shows it better, and also you can see the stem turning back to the light the next day, but at a proper distance. I'm pretty happy with how this is going, however, any advice or words of wisdom are welcome!
Flowering, 2 weeks
Tropa de Elite (sativa) from Maconha