Week 7 flowering

Dec 5, 2016
Feeding is the same, tool response too. Responses for solutions Indica's Seedlings and clones 300-400ppm 5.3-5.5 ph early veg 500-600ppm 5.3-5.6 ph middle veg 600-800ppm 5.4-5.6 ph late veg 800-1000ppm 5.5-5.7 ph early flower 1000-1300ppm 5.5-5.7 ph middle flower 1400-1600ppm 5.5-5.8 ph late flower 1000-1100ppm 5.5-5.7 ph ripening 300-500ppm 5.4-5.6 ph sativa's seedlings and clones 250-350ppm 5.3-5.5 ph early veg 300-500ppm 5.3-5.6 ph middle veg 500-700ppm 5.4-5.6 ph late veg 700-900ppm 5.5-5.7 ph early flower 1000-1100ppm 5.5-5.7 ph middle flower 1100-1300ppm 5.5-5.8 ph late flower 800-1000ppm 5.5-5.7 ph ripening 300-500ppm 5.4-5.6 ph
Flowering, 3 weeks
White Russian (indica) from Serious Se eds