Dec 5, 2016
Week 1 I cut the seed and put it into a glass of water overnight on 12.28.12. Then, I put the germinated seed into a peat tablet. On day 6, I placed the baby into the box under ESL 105. Overall, it has been 12 days from birth till veg. Day 1 of veg 18\6 I watered the plant with a weak RhizotonicŠ° solution. Relying on personal experience, I water only about 2 hours after the awakening. Also, during veg, I spray with SM-90 1 ml per liter every day after the light is switched off. On the 4th day of veg I started to bend it. Today is the first watering with 25% of the dose being the super powder from GHS, 130ppm. I'll always write pure ppm without the water. I take regular water that has settled for one week. 160 ppm, 6 pH
Vegetation, 1 week
White Russian (indica) from Serious Se eds