Shit happens)

Nov 29, 2016
What's up, guys!? It has been 30 days since germinating, 5 weeks vegetation. I'm going to wait till the plant grows up to the net, spread it properly for the last time and start the flowering in about a week if everything goes smoothly. The heat brought some troubles—the conditions in the box are far from perfect; the temperature is 29-30ºC, humidity is 50-60%! So, nutrition: PF 0.4g/l. Also, I add B-52 1ml/l to every watering, leaves irrigation—Megafol 2.5ml/l. I bought a new natural nutrient rich in SiO2, you can use whatever you prefer. Watering pH is 5.8, PPM 750, run-off pH is 6.5, PPM 100. Today, I will use plain water to avoid salt buildup. Last week, I screwed up big—I accidentally pushed a bottle of electrolyte fluid, it spilled onto the floor. Luckily, I quickly found a rag and began wiping it. Of course, I didn't think about gloves and burned my hands. Anyway, while I was dealing with it, some fluid spilled on the plant. The acid burned the tops a bit, just 2 or 3 leaves. But everything's okay, no major harm is done.
Vegetation, 5 weeks
Super Lemon Haze (hybrid) from Green House Seeds