Preflowering)) Yeah 12/12

Nov 29, 2016
Hello, fellow growers. It has been 37 days sincegerminating. The week of pre-flowering has already come and gone. I try to update my report every week (exactly every 7 days despite the lack of interesting news and developments.) Changed the lighting cycle to 12/12. On average, the plant grows 1''-2'' every day, just like my bro had said. I'm afraid that I will grow a monstrous beast! I hope that the height of my box will be enough for it. Next time, I will not buy a bagpot for 20 liters. Unfortunately, ScrOG was not successful this time as the box was too big. I will take it into account when I try once more. Nutrition: Right after the change to 12/12, I added Cannabiogen Delta 9 to the soil. The next day, I used it to sprinkle the leaves using the mix of 5ml per 1 liter. Then added Powder Feeding 0.5g/l. Once a week, depending on the ppm, I flush the plant with clear water. Before the flush, the drainage measurements were the following: pH 6.6, PPM 1100. After the flush: pH 6.6, PPM 700. I came to the conclusion that it is better for the plants to be fed fewer nutrients than to suffer from overdose. It feels safer this way.
Flowering, 1 week
Super Lemon Haze (hybrid) from Green House Seeds