Lemon smells tasty)

Nov 29, 2016
Hey, bros! My Lemon has been growing for 108 days already! It's been 72 days since the 12/12 cycle. This week, I watered it with HydroHoney (2,5ml/l), I think you can do it every day. Also, I used Final Phase (2ml/l two times a week), BudCandy (2ml/l, also two times a week), CannaZym (2,5ml/l twice a week). Besides, I used Ripen (5ml\l) following the schedule Ripen/Ripen/water every 48 hours. This whole time, the run-off pH was a moderate 6.5. Thanks to the ample watering, the buds are growing nicely, the harvest is coming soon (if Jah is generous.) P.S. The smell is very intense, all my stuff already stinks. And I still haven't got around to finishing the filter—I cannot find the coal. Peace!
Flowering, 12 weeks
Super Lemon Haze (hybrid) from Green House Seeds