It's HARVEST time!

Nov 29, 2016
Harvest! Hey, everybody. I haven't updated the report in a long time. Sorry for that, I was buried under a pile of work. I hope I deal with it soon enough and will be able to start a fresh batch of my plants. A while ago, I cut my plant—completely and without mercy. I used a chest saw to do it. In the last post, I'll show you the stem. Cannabis is believed to be a tree for a reason, no one just gives it enough space and time to grow fully. My Lemon Haze is drying now. The plant lived for 129 days, the pre-flowering period was 14 days, and the flowering took 84 days. 10 days before the harvest, I flushed the plant with B.A.C Final Solution adding 6ml of the stuff to 10 liters of water. A couple of times I used Royal Flush 2.5ml/l. Then there was plain water and a “dry period” for 4-5 days. The roots could be better. Frankly speaking, I thought a 20-liter box would provide better results. I guess Radifarm is not strong enough by itself, I should add another root nutrient complex next time. I saw some mold on the top bud that had been burned by the lamp. I had to throw away a few grams and cut off the stuff. I already tried a few bowls and can say that this weed is indeed very social, just as my friend said. When it dries nicely, I'll roll a few blunts and tell you what it's like! When the drying is complete, I'll weigh the product and make up my final opinion about Super Lemon Haze. The photos are bad, I know—I'm not good at it. Peace to everybody and may Jah be with you. Be happy, smile, fill your heart with love. Embrace all your downfalls, everything has to be in balance!
Harvest, 20 weeks
Super Lemon Haze (hybrid) from Green House Seeds