First 2 weeks

Nov 29, 2016
Hey, guys! Peace and prosperity to you all! Here is an update of my report. It has been 14 days since the seed broke through the surface and lost its shell. I do not know how to track the vegetation period, so my notes will start from sprouting and then move on to flowering. I decided to start with LST, but the plant gets very bushy and remains short. During these two weeks, I used Radifarm twice—the concentration was 2.5 ml per 1 liter. I sprinkled leaves with growth stimulant—1 drop per 1 liter, also used Megafol 2.5ml/l, and today I've added B-52 (under the roots)—2ml per 1 liter. If you want your plants to be healthy, PF nutrition should be done strictly following this plan: Vegetation: 2nd week—0.3g/l, pH 5,8 3rd week—0.4g/l, pH 5.8 4th week—0.5g/l, pH 5.9 5th week—0.5g/l, pH 5.9 flowering: 1-2nd weeks—0.6g/l, pH 6.0 3-4th weeks—0.7g/l, pH 6.2 5th week—0.8g/l, pH 6.2 6th week—0.7g/l, pH 6.2 7-8th weeks (Ripen)—pH 6.2-6.5 9th week—pH 6-6.5
Vegetation, 2 weeks
Super Lemon Haze (hybrid) from Green House Seeds