All is fine. 3rd week

Nov 29, 2016
Hello, growers. Let's move on. It has been 22 days since germinating and 3 weeks since the start of vegetation. A couple of days ago, I accidentally broke some fan leaves and the central cola of my baby. Nutrition: PF 0.3g/l, B-52 2ml/l. This week, I also used Radifarm (2.5ml/l), sprayed leaves with Megafol 2 times using the concentration of 2.5ml/l. In general, the plant is growing pretty well. But I'm very disappointed about the central cola. PH 5.8, PPM 650 (drainage pH 6.6, PPM 1200)
Vegetation, 3 weeks
Super Lemon Haze (hybrid) from Green House Seeds