After long break. Sorry

Nov 29, 2016
Hi, bros. Sorry for the long break in my updates, I had no chance to write. Happy to tell you that the buds are growing well and becoming bigger and heavier. It has been 99 days from seed and 69 days since the introduction of the 12/12 cycle. I now water my babies with 6 liters every 48 hours. Watering mixture: pH 6.2, PPM 1000-1100 Drainage: pH 6.5, PPM 1600-1800 Super Lemon nutrition: PF 0.4g/l, Plagron GreenSensation 1ml/l (three times a week), Advanced Nutrients Sensizym 2ml/l (three times a week), Advanced Nutrients BudCandy 2ml/l (once a week.) Soon, I'll start adding Humboldt HydroHoney—1.5ml/l for the first watering, 2.5ml/l for the following times, and 5ml/l a week before the harvest.
Flowering, 11 weeks
Super Lemon Haze (hybrid) from Green House Seeds