30 days of 12/12!

Nov 29, 2016
Hey, guys. Wish you all peace, joy, and happiness. It has been 62 days from seeds and a month since the change to 12/12. The plant has been flowering for about 5 weeks or so, I may be wrong. Nutrition, once again, remains the same: PF 0.7g/l, every 10 days Delta 9 Cannabiogen 5ml/l. PH is consistent—6.5, PPM is 1500 after Delta, without it—1100-1300. Also, I use 5 liters of water every 48 hours. During this whole cycle, I flushed the plant once. Apart from that, I go heavy on PF. If you use SVL-250 just as I do, there is no need to increase the concentration of PF if there are additional sources of phosphorus and other useful and necessary perks. The buds are slowly growing and building up crystals. Unfortunately, I really did defoliate my babies poorly—I'm going to wait a couple of weeks and cut off the tops that shadow the whole plant. Sorry about the bad quality of photos with the lamps—I had no time to take them beforehand.
Flowering, 5 weeks
Super Lemon Haze (hybrid) from Green House Seeds