Report: First Run

Week three

Jan 31, 2017
after having the Dark Helmets i tried turned to mush. (my doing not the seeds fault) I changed up the way i germinate, tried two new methods. one method I soaked rockwell cubes in 6.3ph RO water with some Bio Root. Dropped 3 Colombian Gold, 3 Northern Lights x Big Bud and 3 Pineapple Express Auto's under a dome with a 24" t-5. Not shown in the video is the second method I got from the guys over at Ocean grown. I used a wine glass filled with plane RO water, in one I put Girl Scout cookies the other the rest of the Dark Helmets. after about 28 hrs most had dropped to the bottom of the glass and a few had small taps poking out. I drained 3/4 of the water and pored the rest into a paper towel folded into a plastic container sandwich size i would say. Light of jah #1 is doing great #2 better. The limecello's are F'd up but only time will tell. I added co2 also. I show in this video how i did it.
Vegetation, 3 weeks
Light of Jah (hybrid) from AMS
GrowYourWeed Feb 23, 2017 9:59 AM
They are too small for 3 weeks as for me.
AnjanaStrong Mar 2, 2017 10:07 AM
So how your plants?