Update on how my ladies are looking after 5 days of transplanting

Jan 26, 2017
SO the rosetta stone and apollo haze (apollo11) are 23 days old from seed, the other three are 26 days old from seed, why they are growing slower than the other three, i have no clue what so ever, probably because of the strain genetics, any who, they are 5 days old from the transplant, and they have plenty of water saturated in the soil. hopefully they sprout soon and grow wildly huge. any thought or comments or ideals as to why my exotics are slow growing please do let me know, bless and happy growing.
Vegetation, 1 week
Rosetta Stone, (hybrid) from Grimms Brothers (Seedsherenow.com)
Apollo Haze (hybrid) from Grimms Brothers (seedsherenow.com)
Mystery seeds( baggies) (hybrid) from unknown